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Best 54 Things To Do In Chichen Itza – Travel Guide You Need In 2022

Things To Do In Chichen Itza

How about visiting Chichen Itza? You must have had a fantastic time! Mayan architecture is stunning, and you’ll be awed at how the Mayans constructed these beautiful monuments. You’ll be amazed by their astrological knowledge, and the Mayan history in this area is unlike anything …

India To Introduce E-Passports With New Advanced Security Features

India's e-passports

India’s Ministry of External Affairs plans to issue chip-enabled e-passports with additional security features. In her 2022 Budget statement on February 1, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman declared that e-passports with integrated chips and future technologies would in FY 2022-23. But, are you wondering how …