How to get a tourist visa from India to the United States

How to get a tourist visa from India to the United States – Many individuals go to the United States of America, to visit relatives or see attractions. The B2 Visa permits nationals of other countries to visit the United States. Applying for a ticket to a distant nation may be a complicated procedure, and the possibility of applying for a visa after arriving in a new country deters many people. Obtaining permission to visit the United States is a lengthy and challenging procedure. This page covers several facts of the B2 Visa, allowing persons outside the United States to enter the country.

B2 Visa Overview

The B2 Visa, sometimes known as the tourist visa, permits foreign people to visit the United States for tourism or medical treatment.

According to B2 Visa Eligibility Requirements

  • The B2 visa enables foreign people to visit the United States for the declared purpose of travel.
  • For the period of your anticipated stay, the foreign nationals must have the financial means to support themselves in the United States.
  • The foreign individual must have no intention of residing in the United States permanently or for an extended length of time.

A B2 visa is not ideal for persons who want to go to the United States for business reasons. Applicants should be aware of this fact. According to the US Department of State, an applicant for a visiting visa must show that they are not planning to remain in the United States long-term but rather for a short visit. Any potential visitor must demonstrate that their journey to the United States is just temporary. They have secured a place of permanent residency and ‘binding links’ outside of the nation to guarantee that they depart the country when they say they will. If you want to do business in the United States, you should not apply for a B2 Visa.

The US Department of State stated that a visitor’s visa application must demonstrate that they do not intend to remain in the United States for an extended period. B2 visa applicants must also show that they only visit the United States for a limited period.

They have sufficient funds to cover their expenses, and they have a place to live outside of the country that will guarantee that they leave the country when they are supposed to.

B1/B2 Visa Holders’ Visa Requirements

The applicant who holds a B1/B2 visa can travel to the United States for various reasons, including business and tourism. The following are some of the intended uses for a B1/B2 visa, but they are not exhaustive:

Organizing business trips to attend meetings or negotiate contracts. Attending conferences on various topics, including educational, business, and other professions.

  • Participating in tourist activities or taking a vacation.
  • Getting medical attention.

As long as the participant is neither rewarded nor given credit for their efforts, they will attend concerts or lessons. According to the US Department of State, B1/B2 visa applicants are not allowed to participate in the following activities:

  • Pedagogical purposes
  • In a nation other than the United States, they worked as a press-member.
  • They are attempting to get permanent residency in the US.

Because the B1/B2 visa is a temporary visa, it does not give permanent resident status. However, the holder of a B1/B2 visa may apply for a green card if they choose to. May only provide a B1/B2 pass for 180 days, and this visa permits you to visit the United States of America on many occasions.

Checklist of Required Documents

Before filling out the B1/B2 Visa Application Form, the B1/B2 visa applicant must have the following papers.

  • Passport
  • Plan Your Trip
  • Previous international travel information

Obtaining a B2 Visa: A Step-by-Step Guide

If a foreign citizen intends to travel in America, they must complete the requirements outlined below:

  • Complete and submit the application form

Please fill out the areas relating to the B2 Visa on the DS-160 form and submit it online. You’ll get a verification code and a page after that.


 May use a money order or a bank transfer to pay the charge. Remember that you’ll need to submit your receipts with your application, so have them on hand.

  • Set a date for the interview

 Although the discussion at the US Embassy in your home country, it is conceivable that the applicant may have to wait for a confirmation letter owing to the US Embassy’s workload.

  • Collect documentation for a b2 visa

The crucial papers needed are a valid US visa picture, a valid US passport, the DS-160 form confirmation number, a confirmation page, and paid visa costs. Documents demonstrating the applicant’s desire to return to their home country, a clear explanation of why they need to visit the US, and evidence of financial stability.

  • Listen in on the interview

Your B2 visa application will not be complete until you attend your interview in person. Make an appointment as soon as the DS-160 form to prevent waiting a lengthy time for the discussion. You may postpone or cancel an appointment by clicking here once you’ve scheduled it.

Here are some options for meeting the US Embassy’s interview requirements:

  • Arrive at the US Embassy 15 minutes before your planned visa interview.
  • Bring your current and previous passports, as well as a recent picture of yourself, the DS-160 bar code confirmation sheet, and the receipt for your visa application cost.
  • Carry documentation demonstrating solid links to India (country of residence), such as income tax returns from the previous three years, work records, bank statements from the last six months, and evidence of invitation to parties or celebrations in the United States necessary.

How Much Does a B2 Visa Application Cost?

There is a non-refundable charge for all US Visa applicants, including minors and older adults. Payment of visa application costs must be made in Indian Rupees rather than US Dollars to comply with a US government mandate. Prices may be by bank transfer or cash at Axis or Citibank branches across India.

The application price for the B2 Visa (Visitor visa) does not include any potential insurance payments. Applicants who work with the US government or are here for a charitable event may not be required to pay anything. In addition, the applicant if they desire to prolong their stay in the United States under the B2 Visa.

B2 visa processing times vary widely

Processing time varies from person to person and might take a few weeks to many months. It is entirely dependent on the workload that the US Embassy is dealing with.

The B2 Visa is being extended.

You may extend your B1/B2 visa for an extra six months if you desire to remain longer in the United States. A completed I-539 form, a photocopy of your I-94 card, proof of financial stability, a passport, and a statement explaining why you extended your stay are all necessary.

Rejection of a Visa

The US Embassy and its personnel may issue visas to any foreign national wishing to visit America. All of your paperwork and passport will be returned to you if the Consular of your application visa application request. 

The applicant would have to fill out a new DS-160 form and pay the visa cost to reapply. When reapplying, the applicant must ensure that they have all the required documents. Even so, it does not guarantee a visa to the US and is entirely reliant on the US Consulate.


Some people go to the United States from India solely intending to settle there, while others visit for a short time to sightsee before returning to their own country. If you’re staying for a short time and need B2 Visa guidance, they hope this post is from Flyus travel.

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On a B1/B2 Visa, are they allowed to work in the United States?

If the applicant enters the United States with the intent to travel or for business purposes, the B1/B2 visa holder is not authorized to work or be hired in the United States by a US employer. If the candidate intended to work in the United States, they might apply for an H-1B visa.

What are some of the most common questions asked during the B1/B2 interview?

During the interview, the US Embassy often asks the B1/B2 visa applicant the following questions:

  • What brings you to the United States?
  • Have you ever visited the United States?
  • Who is going to pay for your trip to the United States?
  • What does the sponsor do for a living, and how much do they make?
  • What kind of US visa did the sponsorer utilize to get into the country?

Before permitting you to enter the United States of America, the consulate may question your dependents (spouse and children) and why you are coming alone if you do have any dependents. They may also inquire about your mental and physical health. They don’t have a sponsor, but I’d want to travel across the United States independently.

Is it possible for me to get a tourist visa in the United States?

The applicant does not need to provide sponsor-related papers, despite the same procedure. The applicant’s financial stability is the essential factor that will enable them to enter the United States. My Visa to the United States is about to expire (or has already been expired).

Is it possible for me to extend my stay in the United States?

If a non-immigrant visa, such as a visiting or tourist visa (B1 B2 Visa), a business visa, or a student visa, has expired. There is no such thing as a Visa Renewal in the world. Fill out an application at the closest US Embassy/Consulate in your country of residence to receive a US visa.

Is it feasible to change a tourist visa (B1/B2) into a work visa?

If you visit the United States on a B1/B2 visa then later qualify, locate an employer that can sponsor you and process a working visa for you, you will receive a non-immigrant ticket very indeed.

Is it possible for a traveller to visit the United States and then go to other countries?

To travel from your home country to the United States and other countries from there, you’ll need a multiple entry visa. Single-entry tickets are only valid for six months, but multiple-entry passes are good for ten years. You may enter the nation several times if your passport has an “M” on it.

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