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We have been going through a lot of trouble this year due to this Covid-19 pandemic, but we are all hoping that the situation will pass and we will live and lead a normal life again. In some places, things are getting normal whereas in some places people are experiencing lockdown for months and are unable to come out of their house to get fresh air. We are all missing those busy days we used to spend at educational institutes or office. Not only that we are also missing the malls, pubs, picnics and international trips. Leading a boring life during this lockdown, people are eagerly waiting to have a proper and safe long-distance trip. But before planning a trip, one must be aware of the safety factors and hygienic measures that should be taken for a safe journey. One of the best places for planning a trip in Barcelona. And we are here to discuss the flights from New York to Barcelona.

Flights from New York to Barcelona

‌The best way to travel Barcelona is to take a flight from JFK to Barcelona EI Prat Airport. By booking the ticket beforehand, you can get the cheapest flight rate. One must try to book their ticket at least 5 weeks before the departure for an average and low price ticket fare. It is better to fly in the month of November from JFK to Barcelona than the high season months which are considered to be from June to August. Flights from New York to Barcelona are available at different rates and there is a monthly variation of the price of flight tickets. The time taken to fly from JFK to Barcelona is 7 hours and 40 minutes and the distance covered by the flight is 3825 miles.

Attractions in Barcelona

The Cosmopolitan capital city of Spain’s Catalonia region, Barcelona is well known for its art and architecture along with other modernized landmark designed by Antoni Gaudi and fantastical Sagrada Familia Church. By their namesakes, the city is historically modernized with art and culture by Fundacio Joan Miro and Museu Picasso. Roman archaeological sites include the city history museum MUHBA, there are many famous places in Barcelona which include Las Ramblas, Gothic Water Basilica, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona City history museum. You can relax on the Barceloneta beach and enjoy the snacks at Mercat De La Boqueria, enjoy the dine at authentic Bolega and enjoy clubbing at Placa Reial. If you are a football lover, you can also watch football matches of FC Barcelona at Camp Nou stadium which is the soul of the city. Barcelona is an excellent city for relaxation and enjoyment where you can do an ample amount of amusing things from arts to food and from football to Fun night outs. The Mediterranean coastlines, the seafood restaurants, beach bars are the most places of relaxation and enjoying calm summer evenings. They have an extremely social and undergoing culture along with beautiful language, architecture, historical place, and impressionist art. You can also visit Park Guell, Casa Mila, and Casa Batllo.


The price in the city is relatively higher as being the biggest cities and the capital city of Catalonia. But you can enjoy your fullest and spend a better time while having a trip to Barcelona on an average daily spend of 90-100 Euros per person. The prices are not constant as they change according to the time period of the year or if there is any particular event held there. July and August are the summer months and are the busiest and most rush months for tourists to visit Barcelona so if you’re thinking of visiting during these months, you must be booking the tickets earlier to widen the pool of potential possibilities. But the price in Barcelona rises from 10 to 12% per night between the month of May and August. The lowest possible budget to stay at night in shared hostel rooms is $20 per night.

The price may rise as per your requirement or if you think of staying in mid-range hotels, you need to spend 110 to 200 Euros per night. The transport system costs 2.20 Euros per journey but you can issue multi-trip cards for saving your budget. You need to spend 20-30 Euros for experiencing decent dining and for mid-range restaurants you need to spend 40 Euros. The sightseeing and the museums along with different monuments have their own ticket prices for entry.  The average money a person needs to spend for traveling to Barcelona per day is Euros 35 for accommodation, Euros 40 for transport, Euros 22-Euros30 for food, Euros 22 for activities and attractions and for entertainment purposes you need to spend Euros 60. Therefore, by spending Euros 90 to Euros 100 per day, you can enjoy an average fruitful vacation or a trip to Barcelona.

Climatic condition:

The city of Barcelona experiences Mediterranean climate with July and August as the warmest months and December to February the coldest months. The city experiences sunny, hot summers and mild relatively rainy winters with an average temperature of 9 degrees Celsius during the month of January and 24.5 degrees Celsius during the month of August.

Guidelines before traveling to London:

Before booking a flight ticket from JFK to Barcelona, you must consider a few facts and points which will be helpful during your journey to Barcelona and ensure you a smooth and hassle-free journey all the way from New York to Barcelona.

  • A person must book a flight ticket as early as possible before traveling from JFK to Barcelona to ensure the lowest rate of the ticket.
  • Cancellation of tickets is not a big issue as confirmation of the seat is done before the journey.
  • Buying a ticket from JFK to Barcelona for evening or night departure is comparatively less than the morning once and is more budget-friendly.
  • There is a monthly variation of flight tickets from JFK to Barcelona depending upon the high season period and the rush hours. November and December are the off-season months and is the cheapest month to travel from JFK to Barcelona.


  1. What are the best months to have a trip to Barcelona?

Ans: The most rush hours in the month of July and August but the best time to visit is from April to July for enjoying outdoor events and festivals along with spectacular beaches. To avoid rush months and enjoy calmly you must visit Barcelona during the month of September to November and to focus on sightseeing you need to visit Barcelona from March to May.

  1. What are the airlines available to Barcelona from JFK?

Ans: The airlines available to Barcelona from JFK are Jet Blue Tap Air Portugal, Air France, Royal Air Maroc, KLM, British Airways, Qatar Airways, and many more.

  1. What is the time taken to fly from New York to Barcelona?

Ans: The time taken to fly from JFK to Barcelona is 7 hours and 40 minutes and the distance covered by the flight is 3825 miles.

  1. What is the cheapest month to travel to Barcelona?

An: The month of November is the cheapest month to travel to Barcelona as the high season months are July and August.