Top 9 Airlines Offering Cheap Flights For Students

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Singapore Airlines

Being one of the world’s top international airlines, Singapore Airlines provides students a 10% discount on certain price types and enables students 40 kg of checked baggage or three pieces of luggage on flights to and from the United States and Canada. Do you intend to make a change? There’s no need to be concerned; you may also take advantage of the no-cost option of changing your trip arrangements. It, however, can only be done once. You must be a Flyustravels member with confirmed student status to take advantage of these rates. Singapore Airlines provides Flyus travel members with a baggage allowance.

Singapore Airlines, one of the most significant airlines globally for over 25 years, has some great deals for students. To be eligible for a discount, all you have to do is sign up for the flyustravels program and provide proof of your student status.

You’ll obtain not just quantitative rewards as soon as you accomplish all things. You’ll also have the option of travelling with a 40-kilogram luggage allowance. Furthermore, having a student ID allows you to alter your ticket as many times as you need for free.


Lufthansa is Germany’s most significant and only 5-star airline and one of the top student discount carriers. However, it exclusively offers low-cost flights to American college students. A student must be enrolled in a US college or university between the ages of 12 and 25 to be eligible for its student discount program. Students may fly to more than 470 locations with Lufthansa at a reduced rate. The following weights are permitted under its luggage allowance policy.

A well-known German airline provides student discounts on a variety of overseas locations. Only students aged 12 to 25 are eligible for the discount. To be eligible for a discount, you must provide proof of your status.

Lufthansa often offers considerable student discounts. Even though the qualifying requirements are more stringent, the savings are well worth it. However, before finalizing the purchase, verify all fares and forums.

Delta Airlines

One of the world’s oldest and largest airlines, Delta Airlines offers international students the best prices and discounts. Delta and its affiliates operate five thousand four hundred flights a day to 319 locations in 54 countries. As a student, you are entitled to a discount on flights. As a bonus, this airline offers complimentary meals and Wi-Fi to make your long-haul flight a little more bearable. In basic economy, the main cabin and Delta premium select, passengers are limited to carrying just 50 pounds (23 kilograms) of luggage per piece, whereas in Delta one, first and business class, customers are allowed to bring up to 32 pounds (33 kilograms) of luggage per piece.

Both domestic and international flights offered by Delta Airlines are eligible for student discounts. This airline often links up with flights from Virgin Atlantic, Alitalia, and Air France-KLM for students. Delta Airlines has the world’s most extensive transatlantic network, which it shares with other airlines.

Students may usually use their savings for the whole trip, regardless of how many portions.


With special student pricing and added advantages, Emirates, one of the world’s premier airlines, will improve your student trip. Students going for school or holiday may get up to a 10% discount on economy and business class prices to any of their more than 250 destinations. You’ll also get the opportunity to modify your flight and an additional 10 kg or one extra piece of luggage in addition to the regular baggage limit.

American Airlines

American Airlines is one of the major airlines in the United States, and its frequent flyer program, AAdvantage, offers some of the finest discounts to students on sure of its trips. A flyer must be a student at one of the institutions listed on American Airlines’ website to qualify for discounts. A student must also provide information about their school or institution and a student ID card. If you book a group flight, American Airlines will give you a discount for students. American Airlines’ standard luggage allowance is included at no additional cost.

This airline has a long history of offering student promotions, deals, and discounts. Over time, the regulations have evolved. The concept is the same: you must have a valid student ID to qualify for a price reduction.

Students may also take advantage of various special incentives and discounts via the AAdvantage frequent flyer club. Even if you don’t travel often, it’s still good to sign up for the portal to be alerted of the latest deals.

United Airlines

United Airlines provides students with the most affordable flights to local and international destinations. Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, Guam, Houston, Newark, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Washington, DC are among the nine hubs it runs. United Airlines will allow you to save more money if you buy your tickets 11 months in advance. It also has a “GroupPlus Program” that enables students to buy tickets in groups of ten or more people and get substantial savings on their airline tickets. United Airlines provides a standard luggage allowance.

This airline offers the most affordable domestic and international flying options. For students, the costs are considerably cheaper. You may save money by booking your ticket 11 months in advance, but don’t forget to bring your student ID. Travelling in a large group receives even more significant savings.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines no longer offers discounted flights for students. But hang in there! Its low-cost carrier will save you a lot of money on your trip. Southwest Airlines has a variety of domestic routes that service several institutions around the United States, making Southwest flights the ideal alternative for students. Get the best offer by comparing several departure dates during spring break and popular vacations. If you make a group booking of 10 or more individuals, you will also be spared from booking or change costs. Southwest Airlines has a luggage weight restriction.

Southwest Airlines also offers low-cost flying options for students. These savings are significant over the holidays and during the spring break. It is the perfect time to travel and save money. If you can locate a group to travel with, you can save even more money.

Except for low-cost airplanes, many airlines offer flexible pricing policies for students. If you are qualified, all you have to do is ask for a discount. Even the most luxurious and costly tickets may become cheap when using your student card.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific, a 5-star airline, provides very low tickets for student trips to the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mainland China, or Japan. Students may save a lot of money by booking their flights with Cathay Pacific. It also allows students to select places with an extra checked luggage allowance. To qualify for discounts and other perks, you must have an international student ID card, a student visa, or a letter of admission. Cathay Pacific passengers are entitled to the following basic luggage allowance.

Airlines that specialize in the Pacific area have also made it possible to implement a democratic student discount scheme. Students may book a reduced flight before December 31st, regardless of their destination. They must have a valid International Student Identity Card or a letter of admission to establish their status.

In addition to a lower price, several locations may provide students with additional luggage allowance. The amount of these incentives is negotiable. Before booking a reservation, they recommend contacting the customer service staff.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is noted for its high-quality airport and onboard products, friendly crew, and low-cost one-way tickets for students. A student must participate in Turkish Airlines’ “Flyus travel” program to get a 20% discount on domestic flights and a 10% discount on foreign flights.

It will provide you with a luggage limit of 40 kg based on the weight concept on international flights. As a bonus, you will be entitled to a one-time free ticket change for foreign flights.

 Turkish Airlines allows passengers to bring the following amount of luggage.

More student travelers are also a goal for Turks. As a result, students who have activated their flyustravels account will get a 20% discount on domestic flights and a 10% discount on foreign flights.

Additionally, the firm enables students to make one free adjustment to their reservation. On certain flights, students can bring up to 40 kilograms of luggage. Furthermore, they will gain 25% additional miles for each flight completed.

Other Airlines that Provide Student Discounts on Flights

  • Qatar Airways is a Qatar-based airline.
  • British Airways is a British airline.
  • Air India is a national carrier of India.
  • Srilankan Airlines
  • Air Canada is a Canadian airline.
  • Etihad Airways


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