An Ultimate Guide to Lax Southwest Terminal

Information specific to the Lax Southwest Terminal is provided here so that travelers may better prepare for their upcoming flights. While there is no such thing as absolute perfection, it is reasonable to assume that all passengers would welcome flights that are completely worry-free and go smoothly. With this in mind, being properly prepared for every eventuality is the surest way to guarantee that the flight goes according to plan. Southwest travelers traveling or arriving at Lax Southwest Terminal may use this information as a reference/guide while preparing for an upcoming flight or arranging a future journey with Southwest.

About Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Passenger traffic at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) ranks it as the world’s fourth busiest airport and second busiest airport in the United States, behind only Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL). Located to the southwest of the city on 3,500 acres, this massive transportation hub now serves 85 million people annually and is only projected to get busier. The number of passengers using Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has almost quadrupled in the last decade, but the airport’s cutting-edge infrastructure has allowed it to keep up with the influx.

From LAX, you can quickly visit most of the West Coast’s beaches, cities, and mountains. In less than ten minutes, you can be at the Playa del Rey beaches; in thirty minutes, you can be in the heart of the city; and in less than two hours, you can be strolling through palm tree-lined streets in San Diego.

Finding Your Way at Lax Southwest Terminal

Where does Southwest fly out of at LAX? Newly remodeled Lax Southwest Terminal 1 of LAX. You should be able to go through security and to your gate quite fast thanks to the fresh new facility’s newly constructed ticketing area and NINE lane security checkpoints. That way, you can take your time exploring the terminal’s many restaurants and shops. You may get an idea of how long you’ll have to wait by seeing the current wait times. When you finally get inside, you may look forward to the following:

Restaurants and food options at Lax Southwest Terminal

Check out this list for recommendations on where to eat at LAX Terminal 1’s top restaurants. After clearing security at Lax Southwest Terminal, you’ll find these dining options on the same level. Food options at LAX include both national chains and local favorites, so there should be something for everyone. In order to avoid waiting in line, several eateries now offer online ordering using the app Grab. Grab does not partner with all eateries. In the Lax Southwest Terminal, you may choose from the following:

Features of the Lax Southwest Terminal

Here is a rundown of everything you can expect from the Southwest Airlines workplace, including services and perks:

  • Reserving Plane Seats
  • Cancellation of Tickets
  • Change of Flight Dates and Times
  • Allow Boarding
  • Assistance with Visas, Visa Details, and Visa Upon Arrival
  • In-App Registration
  • Permitted Size of Bags
  • Tax-Free Permittance
  • Details about a Flight
  • Clubs and Waiting Areas at Airports
  • Food Served on Board
  • Airport Transportation
  • Lost Baggage
  • Help for Foreign Nationals
  • Parking with Valet
  • Get Acquainted
  • WiFi on Board/at the Airport
  • Onboard Diversions
  • Airport Infrastructure
  • Plane Delays
  • Ticketing Questions for First, Business, and Economy
  • Skycap
  • Fast Reward System
  • Detailed Index of Every Southwest Airlines Hub Around the World

LAX Southwest Airlines Flight Schedules

Passengers may either make their own reservations using the Southwest Airlines website or mobile app, or they can ask for help from the staff working at the LAX terminal office of Southwest Airlines.

Reservation Services at Lax Southwest Terminal

Passengers can either speak with a representative at the Southwest Airlines terminal office in LAX to make changes to their itineraries and/or add flight-related amenities/services, or they can handle their reservations independently via the Southwest Airlines mobile app or website.

Lax Southwest Terminal Request to Cancel or Refund

Southwest customers who have booked flights should know that they have until 10 minutes before takeoff to change or cancel their bookings.

If you cancel your reservation and pay with a credit card, you will receive a full refund to that card; if you pay with cash or a Southwest Rapid Rewards® credit card, you will receive flight credits (good for future Southwest flights) instead. Requests for cancellations or refunds must be made via an official Southwest Airlines channel before being accepted at the LAX International Airport terminal office.

Southwest Airlines Flight Tracker

Southwest Airlines passengers may get flight updates by calling the airline’s office in the Lax Southwest Terminal, checking the airline’s mobile app, or visiting

Baggage Policy of Southwest Airlines

Cabin Luggage / Carry-On

One carry-on piece of baggage and one personal item are permitted per passenger. Baggage allowed in the cabin shall not exceed 50 [24+16+10] linear inches in length. Your carry-on must have a linear dimension of less than or equal to 37.75 inches [16.25+13.5+8].

Carry-On Luggage

Each traveler is permitted two pieces of checked luggage, each of which must be smaller than or equal to 62 inches in linear size and weigh no more than 50 pounds. With a current, valid military ID, active-duty U.S. military personnel are permitted to check two pieces of luggage, each of which may weigh up to 100 pounds and measure no more than 80 inches in any one direction.

Lax Southwest Terminal

Southwest Airlines passengers have the option of checking in at the Lax Southwest Terminal or doing it online, through mobile, or web using the Southwest app or website.

Airport counter check-in closes 60 minutes before flight departure, but web/mobile check-in is open 24 hours prior to departure.

WIFI at Lax Southwest Terminal

Although all Southwest planes have an in-flight entertainment gateway, only the ones with wifi are really connected to the internet. Wi-Fi-enabled flights will cost $8 more per person to use the internet throughout the journey. Ask the staff working at the Southwest Airlines counter at the LAX International Airport terminal for further information.

Assistance Programs at the Lax Southwest Terminal

The airline has made accommodations for customers with medical issues, physical or sensory impairments, or other special requirements to ensure that they enjoy a pleasant journey. The airline offers specialized services for passengers in need, including those using wheelchairs or mobility aids, pregnant ladies, the elderly, and unaccompanied youngsters.

Requests for special assistance should be made to the airline at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight in question; representatives at the Lax Southwest Terminal can provide more details and a full rundown of the airline’s special assistance offerings to interested passengers.

The Southwest Airlines Pet Policy

Southwest only allows pets and animal companions on domestic flights inside the United States; pets and animal companions cannot be carried to or from Hawaii. Pets and animal companions may only be brought to and from Hawaii through the nearby islands. The Southwest Airlines counter at LAX is the place to go if you need to make a reservation for your pet or need any other kind of help during your trip.

How to Contact Southwest Airlines About a Delay, Loss, or Damaged Baggage

Southwest Airlines requires travelers to file an incident report in person within 4 hours of arrival at the destination airport for damaged, delayed, or missing bags. If your bag is lost, damaged, or is delayed, Southwest Airlines will pay up to $3800 per passenger.

Getting A Parked Car At Lax Southwest Terminal

Any tourist or traveler to Los Angeles will find many parking options at the airport. Travelers and guests may book parking spots at the airport in advance via the terminal’s website, and the airport offers both short-term and long-term parking options.


Which one is the Lax Southwest Terminal?

Terminal 1 at Los Angeles International Airport is where Southwest Airlines operates its flights.

Does Lax Southwest Terminal have WIFI?

Yes, Lax Southwest Terminal have WIFI access on the selected fleet.

Can pets travel on Lax Southwest Terminal?

Southwest Airlines exclusively provides pet care on domestic flights inside the United States.

What is the arrival for Lax Southwest Terminal?

Southwest Airlines planes landing at LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal [Terminal B] unload their passengers, who are then shuttled to Terminal 1 of the airport.

Where to depart for Lax Southwest Terminal?

Southwest Airlines travelers traveling from Los Angeles International Airport must check in at Terminal 1 and take a shuttle to Terminal B, the Tom Bradley International Terminal, to catch their flights.

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