Overview of the Application & Process of OCI Card from USA

In fact, as a consequence of Indian emigration, over 15 million individuals of Indian heritage today live outside of India. Indians who have an Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) can leave or return to India. Individuals having Indian origin are eligible to apply for OCI status. May find all the information you need to get an OCI card on this page. Indian nationals who have relocated outside of the country and now hold citizenship in another country, such as the United States, are issued an oci card processing time card. The OCI card has various advantages, such as travelling freely.

  • A multiple-entry visa valid for the rest of the applicant’s life allows them to visit India several times.
  • For the length of their stay in India, they are not obliged to get a police clearance certificate.
  • Must afford them the same treatment as NRIs regarding financial, economic, and educational rights.
  • Non-resident Indians (NRIs) should be the same in intercountry adoption of Indian children by registered overseas citizens of India. In terms of internal flight pricing, they must be the same as Indian citizens.
  • Entry costs for national monuments, historical sites, and museums in India must be the same for applicants.
  • It is imperative that women and men alike have the opportunity to pursue jobs in the health care and legal professions.
  • Tests such as this and others like it are open to everyone.

Any services offered to the applicant must be adequate. Notarized affidavits by Indian citizens living outside of India may prove that a given address can be considered their domicile in India and their email address. Read More – American Airlines Check-in Policy.

They have a valid OCI Card

  • Another country’s citizen
  • After January 26 1950, have been granted Indian citizenship.
  • After August 15 1947, it was part of a region that subsequently became a part of India.
  • The individuals mentioned’ little children
  • An Indian citizen’s foreign-born spouse
  • An Indian minor kid whose parents are both Indian citizens or one of the parents is an Indian citizen

A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for an OCI Card

Sending OCI applications to the appropriate VFS Global Centers is a requirement no matter where you are. Until further notice, no applications may be in person. There are centres in Washington DC, New York City, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco where applicants may submit their applications.

To determine the application categories for oci entries

The following is a list of OCI categories:

  • Registration of a new OCI
  • In place of PIO card validity for OCI registration
  • Lost PIO cards may work with OCI registration.
  • Other OCI Services: You may use these additional services if you need to re-issue your OCI papers.
  • the applicant a brand-new travel document
  • Applicants have had their personal information, such as their name, father’s name, and country of origin, modified.
  • The OCI registration certificate or visa may be lost or damaged.
  • Relocation or job change
  • Cancellation or abandonment of OCI.

Fill out the OCI CARD online application form

Should choose OCI services carefully. Clicking on this link will take the applicant to the Online OCI Services website of the Government of India. The application will not upload if more than 180 days have passed after the applicant submitted the form and three forms have to the Embassy. The applicant may print a sample form for help and be aware of typical errors such as:

  • Before you begin the registration procedure, be sure you are eligible.
  • If you have an OCI Card, you may use OCI Miscellaneous Services.
  • If your PIO card is still valid, you should register on the OCI website.
  • To register a PIO cardholder if their card is lost or stolen, they must use OCI Registration.
  • Those in need of a visa for an urgent trip might do so.

Logging into the vfs global website is easy

Should select the right VFS Indian Consular Application Center. Once you have completed the online form, prepare for the physical application by mailing the needed papers to the VFS Indian Consular Application Center, depending on your state of residence. The only way to apply is through a courier service because of the continuing Covid-19 epidemic.

  • Each member of the applicant’s family or group must have their profile, even if they are going together.
  • Complete the Application Submission Process via Mail
  • Go to the VFS website and log in with your existing VFS credentials to begin the application process.
  • The Consular Jurisdiction dictates which passport category you should apply for based on your travel plans and where you now live.

Ensure you have all the relevant information before enrolling online if you want to pay with a money order or banker’s check. If you provide inaccurate or fraudulent information, your application may be postponed or denied.

Apply via the vfs global website by sending in a paper application

May you send your application to the appropriate facility with the assistance of the Indian Embassy in the United States. For the VFS Indian Consular Application Center, black ink is the only acceptable kind of writing. During the registration procedure, you may choose your preferred mode of delivery. Outside of their home state, OCI candidates must apply at the Mission using their own pre-paid courier labels. Read This Blog – How to Use Google Flights to Find Cheap Flights.

By mail, provide a copy of your application receipt

After receiving your application, you will update the VFS system and send an email to your registered email address. A review procedure to ensure that the application meets the Mission/criteria. Post If Covid-19 is still circulating, it is essential to know that the VFS employees will respond to packages 48 hours after receiving them at their location.

Thus, applicants should begin monitoring their applications 3-to four days after sending the papers to VFS Indian Consular Application Center.

The OCI Application Tracking System

The applicant is alerted through email or SMS when the PIO to OCI conversion application status changes. May use the tracking ID number contained on the VFS Indian Consular Application Center receipt to check the progress of a PIO to OCI conversion application.

Your PIO to OCI application status may be updated using the VFS Global SMS service, which is also available. This SMS service is subscription-based.

The VFS Indian Consular Application Center will notify you of the status of your application through the selected method of contact after the Indian Embassy/Consulates have examined and decided on your application.

What is the processing time for oci card in usa

The oci card processing timeis between 8 and 19 weeks. Various processes are involved in earning an OCI card, and they may extend the processing period even more due to an incomplete application. As a rough guideline, below is how long it typically takes to complete an OCI card application and what processes are required.

  • The OCI Card Request Form

A card from Delhi, India, after the application by the Embassy/Consulate and the final card is sent back to the United States. A further 60 days are needed to complete the procedure.

  • The Consulate issued the OCI Card

The applicant must provide the Consulate with a copy of their original United States passport whenever it arrives there. Once the VFS Global Center receives the ticket, the procedure begins again. In some instances, the Consulate may take up to three days to match the passport.

  • Consulate’s timeframe

It takes at least seven days for the Consulate to match the OCI card on the US passport with the OCI number.

  • VFS Global Center’s Time Spent

Shipment of the OCI card and the US passport might take three days.

OCI Cards: How and Where to Apply

Applicants may apply for an OCI card at the VFS Global Center in their country. If you have a long-term visa to India, you may apply for an OCI Card while you are already there (for more than a year).

As a result of the OCI card, Indians living outside of India have a significant advantage in the job market. Some Indian consulates currently have substantial waiting lists for OCI applications because of their growing popularity. There are fewer requirements for obtaining OCI cards than ever before, and the process isn’t too complicated. An OCI card may be available if you are of Indian ancestry.

What is the current processing time for oci cards and more

The processing period for your OCI card will be between 5 and 6 weeks. The acquisition of an OCI card involves some steps, every one of which has the potential to lengthen the processing time even more in the event of an incomplete application. The following is an estimate of how long it usually takes to finish an application for an OCI card and a list of the necessary steps that must be taken. Read more about – Travel places in Cancun.

Checklist for Documents

  • Proof of Citizenship in the Present Day
  • Before the ratification of the Constitution, a person was qualified to become an American citizen.
  • You’ll need to provide a certified copy of your passport or your domicile certificate.
  • OCI card holdership may be to a child or grandchild of an Indian ancestor.
  • Please include a copy of your PIO card in your submission.
  • India’s biggest democracy globally is home to many traditions, cultures, castes, and creeds, all coexisting peacefully. As well as possessing the most significant number of official languages, this historically rich nation is also well-known for its use of the phrase “unity in diversity.”


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