Emergency Flights For Family Death and Bereavement Fares

Things happen as nobody has control over them. You may have to plan an emergency trip to a country or city to meet your loved ones who may be sick or hospitalized. In some cases, you may have to make a plan to join a funeral ceremony of a person who was very close to you and is no more. These situations are very delicate and you make decisions in these times without worrying about your money. It is important to know that you can save lots of money on your bookings of emergency flights for family death purposes and avoid extra expenses that are imposed on last-minute flights.

Act wisely and ensure you do not let your money flow like anything in tough times. Search for the airlines that are offering bereavement fares for emergency flights to India, the USA, Europe, or anywhere across the globe. These fares are highly discounted fares. Airlines prefer to offer these fares to those travelers who are planning to travel a distance in medical or death emergencies. 

What Are Bereavement Fares

Bereavement fares shouldn’t be a new term to you. It is a special benefit that a number of airlines have been providing to those travelers who are grieving the loss of a loved one or traveling for medical emergencies. However, these days, the majority of airlines do not offer this special benefit to travelers. Airlines gradually eliminated these low-priced tickets more than a decade ago. Still, there are a few airlines that provide bereavement fares to their customers. These fares are also referred to as compassion fares as travelers get a significant percentage of discount on their bookings if they choose this fare while making their reservations. The restrictions and the amount of savings regarding these fares vary greatly from airline to airline.

Bereavement Fares On Bookings of Emergency Flights For Family Death

Bereavement fares or special fares on bookings of emergency flights for family death purposes are rare these days. If they do exist, they are exclusively available via certain airlines. Not all travelers can take advantage of these special fares. However, being a frequent traveler of a particular airline that still offers bereavement fares, you can take advantage of this special and exclusive perk.

Eligibility to Get Bereavement Fares

Those passengers who want to avail of the benefits of bereavement fares must present evidence of their familial relationship with the person who is sick/hospitalized or already has died. This evidence must typically include the name of the person who is suffering from his/her health condition or has died. Apart from this, the name and contact number of a medical facility, hospice, or funeral home should also be included clearly on evidence papers. If the evidence misses any crucial information, the traveler will not be able to take advantage of the discounted fares.

Can You Find Bereavement Fares On Emergency Flights to India

Bereavement fares have largely disappeared in recent years. Airlines have stopped offering these kinds of perks to travelers and these are now considered a thing of the past century. However, if you are one of those travelers who are still expecting to get it on your emergency flights to India, the good news is that there are some airlines that still provide their customers with bereavement fares on their bookings of emergency flights for family death purposes. However, getting these fares has become tougher. If you are a loyal customer of a particular airline, you might have an outside chance to get that special fare but the chances of getting this special fare on emergency flights to India are very low.

The savings that were promised by the bereavement fares at the times when they were available were enticing in comparison to full-fare tickets. However, with the introduction of budget airlines, low-cost carriers, and basic economy flights over the last few decades in the aviation industry, the calculations couldn’t quite add up.

Special fares that used to be offered by almost all airlines on emergency flights for family death are no longer available to common travelers. However, they are not fully disappeared. You can still expect some airlines to offer these fares but do not expect anything from large airlines.

Airlines That Still Offer Discounts on Emergency Flights For Family Death

Despite the fact that bereavement fares on flights to India and other flights are not available anymore, being a traveler, you should not hesitate to ask the airline for these special fares. You can ask our reservation experts too about the same. They will assist you in finding the active airlines that still offer special discounts for those travelers who are planning a trip to join an event after the loss of one of their loved ones. Lufthansa, WestJet, and some Indian Airlines can provide you with bereavement fares on your emergency bookings.

How to Find Discounts on Emergency Flights For Family Death

One should never disappoint despite the fact that special fares on emergency flights for family deaths are rare as you can still find some way to get attractive discounts on your emergency bookings. The following are your top three choices:

Approach An Airline That Provides Funeral Packages

Find out the airline that provides funeral packages to customers. And makes sure you have the following information ready before you do so:

  • Name of a deceased person
  • Your real relationship with the person with authentic evidence
  • Name and number of the hospital, hospice, or funeral home
  • The name of the physician (if applicable)

Try to Get A Fee Waiver From An Airline on Emergency Flights For Family Death

When it comes to negotiating a discount with an airline, calling the airline directly could be your best choice because most airlines still let their employees have some leeway in how they handle customer inquiries over the phone. You might, for instance, inquire about having the fee for booking over the phone or the fee for booking an award at the last minute waived.

You should know that when you get to the airport, you have the option of respectfully asking to be added to the standby list for an earlier flight. A compassionate airline employee may be ready to make an exception to the rules in order to assist you, and this is more likely if you can provide some evidence to back up your requests, such as an urgent email message, a voicemail, or a death certificate.

Submit An Application When You Have Returned From Your Trip To Pay Your Respects

When we were looking into the guidelines for bereavement tickets on emergency flights for family death, we came across an intriguing piece of information. Some airlines like Air Canada provide customers with the opportunity to travel first and then request a refund after their trip. It’s possible that this is something that other airlines are ready to do as well, providing that you show them the necessary confirmation that the documentation was completed.

When you book your emergency flights to India or anywhere else across the planet, it could also be useful in the event that you do not have instant access to the required proof of documents.

Now that you know some of the amazing ways to get discounts on your bookings of emergency flights for family deaths, you should feel free to get in touch with an airline that you are planning to travel with. You can also contact us here if you have any queries. Our team will be more than pleased to provide you with the best possible assistance.

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