How to change the name on a flight ticket?

Several scenarios exist where a passenger may need to seek a name change on a plane ticket, including misspellings and name changes. Our tutorial will teach you all you need to know to alter your name on your reservation and fly under a name other than the one you used to book.

When purchasing a flight, you must travel with the person whose name appears on the plane ticket. Some fees and restrictions may apply if you decide to make any alterations. Get in touch with the airline ASAP if you need to change the name on a Flight Ticket. Some airlines will let you do this without a fee, but most will charge you a pretty penny. Moreover, the airline may not permit the switch.

Some of the most frequent requests we get to change names on airline tickets are as follows:

You misspelled your name when you made your reservation

A fee (as much as US$200) may be charged in this case for the repair service. If you could book a Flight Ticket at a low price because of a glitch in the airline’s booking system, the airline might call this an “error fare” or a “mistake fare.”

A non-refundable Flight ticket is purchased but rendered useless because of unforeseen circumstances (such as the inability to take time off from work on the dates originally planned for travel). You may either give up the money you put down or attempt to sell your reservation for whatever it’s worth today (and hope someone will buy it)

Under certain conditions, most airlines will let you transfer your ticket to a different person.

If you need to modify the name on your Flight Ticket, you’ll need to research the specifics of your route and pricing. Depending on the airline and the circumstances, a cost of up to $200 may be assessed for altering the name on a Flights Ticket.

Unfortunately, not all plane ticket allows for name changes. When making a reservation at least seven days before departure, you may alter the name on a non-refundable flight purchased in your own name without incurring any fees, provided the Change A Name On A Plane Ticket is completed within 24 hours of booking. As this is unusual, the airline may allow you to alter your Flight ticket without penalty. Any modifications made later than 24 hours before arrival may cost $100 or more, typically.

A name change on a Flight Ticket must adhere to the airline’s specific guidelines. Airline policy varies; some companies allow a name change for an unused Flight Ticket, while others are tougher. There is no standard procedure for renaming a Flight Ticket. If you want to modify your reservation, you may need to call a customer care number or speak with a travel agent, although some companies also provide online account access.

American Airlines

Substitute American Airlines for Original Name on the Ticket

If you have booked your flight directly with American Airlines, you may alter the name on your Flight Ticket, but this may incur a price based on your final destination and the fare class you chose. Changing a passenger’s name requires direct communication with the booking service, whether an online travel agency or another airline.

If you bought your American Flight ticket directly from the airline, you might pay a charge to have a different passenger’s name written on the Flight Ticket. To what extent you have to pay depends on two factors: whether or not your Flight ticket is refundable and whether or not you’re flying inside the country.

After that, contact American Airlines at (888) 313-20-61 or (888) 660-1594. (hopefully, before your flight has taken off).

Here are the measures to take if you booked with AA:

  • Please sign in to your account. (Make sure you have an account if you don’t have one.)
  • Reserve a table by selecting that option from the main menu.
  • Enter your last name and reservation number and select “Find My Reservation.”
  • To Change A Name On A Plane Ticket, select “Change Passenger Name Only” after clicking “Change Flight” next to the relevant flight.
  • To change a passenger’s name, enter the new name and click “Continue,” then follow the on-screen instructions to make a payment.

Delta Airlines

Flight Ticket Name Change: Delta Airlines

You can easily change the name on your Delta Airlines or Flight Ticket if you have already purchased it but realized the name on it is incorrect. This article will teach you how to alter the name on your Delta Airlines Flight Ticket if you have made a spelling error or your full name is not listed.

  • Contact Delta Air Lines at (888) 313-20-61 or (888) 660-1594. (hopefully, before your flight has taken off).
  • Changing a name on a Flight Ticketrequires that you be aware of the following details:
  • The traveler must make any name changes.
  • Your reservation cannot be modified to include the name of another guest.
  • To alter one’s name on a Delta Airlines flight, the passenger must contact the airline’s customer care department.
  • It is your responsibility to verify whether or not your tariff permits modifications to your reservation.
  • Fees and other charges may apply for name changes following the Flight Ticket regulations.
  • After purchasing a Flight Ticket, upgrading or downgrading the service class may incur extra fees.

Delta Airlines Ticket Name Change

Changing the passenger’s name on Delta Air Lines plane tickets is often not allowed. Only if you paid for a fully refundable plane ticket may you transfer the name on it to someone else. You would be charged a price to cancel your plane ticket and purchase a new one in your right name if you paid a discounted or sale rate.

You may be able to bypass these requirements if you are a SkyMiles elite member. However, as of 2010, Delta Air Lines requires a $150 administrative fee for plane ticket name changes.

To find out whether Delta Airlines will allow you to modify the name on your ticket, call them at (888) 313-20-61. Before your name may be changed, you’ll need to pay an administrative charge of $150 plus any additional costs that may apply.

Change A Name On A Plane Ticket
Change A Name On A Plane Ticket

United Airlines

United Airlines Name Change on Ticket

Name Change for United Airlines: You may replace the name on your reservation for a fee of $200 per ticket, plus any price difference between the actual rate paid and the cost for the new reservation. Please get in touch with United Reservations to make this modification.

  • You may choose from a few different possibilities. You may call United or write them a letter to make your request. In addition to calling United, you may update the name on your ticket via their website if you need to alter it immediately. Changing your flight within 30 days of departure is free. However, there may be a cost.
  • Call United Airlines at (888) 313-20-61 or (888) 660-1594. (hopefully, before your flight has taken off).
  • The airline is widely regarded as having the most excellent customer service in the industry and provides its passengers with a wide variety of amenities. United Airlines’ ability to change a passenger’s name on a ticket is one of the airline’s most outstanding features. Changing a passenger’s name on a plane ticket is as easy as following these procedures.
  • After selecting your desired trip from the “my trip” drop-down menu, you may go to the “manage to book” section by clicking the “my trip” tab.
  • Select the edit or cancel button accordingly.
  • To rename a passenger on a reservation, choose the edit button.
  • Please check your information now and click the “Continue” button.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines, Please Change the Name on the Ticket

Southern Air Transport In a New Name: There are two options for changing the name on a Southwest Airlines ticket. With a want to Get Away price, you may easily switch passengers and rebook your journey at no additional cost. The cost to change the name on a reservation is $100 per person if the original ticket is non-refundable.

  • Southwest Airlines tickets cannot be reissued in a different passenger’s name. The lengthier version of the response is that there are limited situations when a deviation from the norm is acceptable.
  • With Southwest Airlines, you may change or cancel your reservation at no cost. Should it be implemented, you will be responsible for paying the higher ticket.
  • Call Southwest Airlines at (234) 231-8148. (hopefully, before your flight has taken off).
  • Canceling your original flight and purchasing a new one might be the best option if you need to go on a different itinerary or use a different passenger name.
  • Name changes on any other fare type are free of charge and penalty.

Transferring a Southwest Airlines Ticket to a Different Name

Changing the name on a Southwest Airlines ticket is as simple as phoning the airline’s support line. However, doing so will cost you $100. (There is no charge for clients exchanging tickets within the same reservation.)

Call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-234-231-8148) and inform the agent you want to cancel your ticket and rebook it under another passenger’s name if you purchased a refundable fare class. If you cancel your flight within one year of making your ticket, the airline will give you a full refund.

Make fresh flight arrangements using the new passenger’s details.

If you have paid for a fare of the non-refundable variety:

  • Dial 1-800 FLIGHT-SWA (1-234-231-8148)
  • Dial 1-800-435-9792 to reach Southwest’s customer care. If you have a ticket stub with a different number, use that one.
  • The second step is to contact customer service and explain that you want to cancel your ticket. Essential information like your first and last name and confirmation number will be required. The agent will deposit your unused ticket’s value into a “travel bank,” where you can buy another ticket later.
  • Step 3: Use the money from your canceled ticket to buy a new one. If asked, provide the agent with the cancellation confirmation number for the first ticket you had to cancel.

Alaska Airlines

Ticket Name Change: Alaska Airlines

If you’ve booked a refundable price with Alaska Airlines, you may alter the name on the ticket without any hassle. Call Alaska Airlines’ reservation line and provide the agent with the new passenger’s complete name, date of birth, address, phone number, and passport information (if applicable). Alaska Airlines charges $50 for local and $100 for international name changes. Members of the MVP Gold and MVP Gold 75,000 tiers do not have to pay the charge.

Unfortunately, after you’ve checked in online, there isn’t a way to change your name. Therefore, choose “My Trips” on the airline’s website and then “Edit.” When you go to “Modify My Reservation,” look for the option to “Edit Passenger” and use it to make the necessary changes to the ticket. To alter a passenger’s name, you must pay a charge and provide the new passenger’s full legal name as it appears on government-issued identification.

Dial (234) 231-8148 to reach an Alaska Airlines agent (hopefully before your flight has taken off).

There is little distinction between changing the flight and altering the name on a ticket. Changing a passenger’s name on an airline ticket purchased online is usually impossible. See what an airline agent has to say by contacting them directly. Sometimes you’ll need to buy a new plane ticket, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

There are a few scenarios in which you would need to change the name on your Alaska Airlines ticket:

  • I think yous pelt your name wrong.
  • The first name field only contained your initials.
  • Because of your marriage, you now go by your partner’s surname.
  • You’re now going by your maiden name in light of your recent divorce.

British Airways

Change of Name on Flights with British Airways: To change the name on a British Airways ticket, you’ll have to pay the airline around $170. You may be able to alter your name without incurring any fees if the reason for the change is a simple typo or the wrong gender designation.

  • Please call British Airways Reservations at (234) 231- 8148 (in the US) or 0344 493 0787 (international) to update your name on your reservation (from the UK).
  • If you bought your flights directly with British Airways and not via a travel agency or other third party, you can modify the name on your tickets.
  • All fees associated with your reservation have been paid in full.
  • It seems that you have not yet set off on your adventure.
  • There is a small cost associated with doing this for you.

Air Canada

Rename My Flight to Air Canada on My Ticket

You must cancel and rebook the trip if you need to alter the name on your Air Canada ticket. You should check your ticket’s fine print to determine whether a name change is permitted and if any additional fees would be assessed before making such changes.

  • To make a name change for an Air Canada flight, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the airline’s customer care at 1-888-247-2262. Your only option is to get in touch with the booking service you used, whether it be Expedia, Orbitz, or another service.
  • Ticket name changes are possible with Air Canada. You will, however, need to reschedule your original flight. There is a $300 cost for flights inside the United States and a $400 fee for travel beyond the country.
  • Change of name requests must be sent to Air Canada Reservations at (877) 681- 0056.
  • You cannot modify the passenger’s name if you have a Basic Economy ticket on Air Canada. This is because, for a cost, Basic Economy tickets cannot be altered or refunded.
  • If you used a third party or travel agency to book your ticket, you’d need to contact them if your plans have changed.

Spirit Airlines

Change Name on Plane Ticket: Spirit Airlines

  • The price to alter the name on a Spirit Airlines ticket is non-refundable, although the company does enable travelers to do so.
  • You should then contact Spirit Airlines at (877) 594-7821. (hopefully, before your flight has taken off).
  • Changing the name on a Spirit Airlines ticket may be done as follows.

Instructions for renaming a Spirit Airlines ticket

Spirit is more than a budget airline; it also provides helpful policies and services. An example of this is the provision for changing one’s name. If you follow the instructions below, changing the name on your Spirit Airlines ticket won’t be a problem at all.

  • Go to the “Manage My Booking” area of the Spirit Airlines website.
  • To locate your reservation, type in your booking number and last name in the appropriate sections and tap the ‘Search Bookings’ button.
  • To modify your flight details, choose “Change Flight” and “Passenger Information.”
  • Now choose “Change Passenger Name,” and then fill in the blanks with the appropriate information.
  • Select “Update Information” to permanently apply your changes.

JetBlue Airways

Name Alter on Jetblue Ticket with JetBlue Airways: If you have made a flight reservation with JetBlue Airways and want to change the name on the booking or make other adjustments to your trip, you may do so at any time by visiting Manage Trips on To update a passenger’s name on a JetBlue reservation:

  • To manage your JetBlue travel plans, log in and go to the corresponding section of the website.
  • Look up your booking in the list and click the “Change flights” button.
  • The phone number to reach JetBlue is (877) 594-7821. (hopefully, before your flight has taken off).
  • Choose a new flight and continue with checkout for each passenger whose reservation you are updating. Since the revised plan saves money, we’ll reimburse the difference (this does not apply to itineraries booked with TrueBlue points)
  • When you check out, you will be required to pay the price difference between the original itinerary and the amended one. There will be no cancellation charge if seats are still available (if applicable).

Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Air, Name Change on Ticket

There is a chance that Allegiant will allow you to modify the name on your tickets, but this would rely on the airline’s pricing restrictions and standards. Put another way, if your ticket is refundable, you may alter your name. A name change, however, is not an option if your ticket is non-refundable. Knowing the airline’s price guidelines is recommended before making a reservation.

Contact Allegiant Air by dialing (877) 594-7821. (hopefully, before your flight has taken off).

All passengers on flights operated by Allegiant Air are welcome to alter their names according to the airline’s restrictions. Here are the rules that must be adhered to:

  • The cost to alter your name is $75.
  • If a name change is requested less than 24 hours before departure, the passenger will be responsible for paying the difference between the original ticket price and the new ticket price.
  • Calling customer care is the only way to alter your name. To reach the help desk, dial 702-505-8888.
  • If you change your last name due to marriage, you must provide a marriage certificate at check-in.
  • To legally change your name, you must do the following actions:
  • First things first, check out Allegiant Air’s website.
  • Proceed to click the Manage Booking button.
  • After that, type in your last name and the reservation number you were given.
  • To do so, choose the Booking button.
  • You may then go ahead and change your name before saving.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines, Please Change the Name on the Ticket

Ticket changes are possible, as shown below. Changing Frontier Airlines’ name is a complicated process, but it can be done. It costs $75 to make a Name Change, and the procedure for doing so differs depending on the kind of price and the travel route.

  • Before doing anything else, the traveler must visit the Frontier Airlines homepage in their web browser. Following this, guests should use the “manage travel” link.
  • The following information is required: passenger’s reservation number, last name, and zip code. If you booked your flight with Frontier Airlines, your reservation number was included in either the booking confirmation or flight itinerary email that was issued to you. After entering their information, travelers may locate their reservation by clicking the “find it” button.
  • Select the reservation by clicking the “see details” button, and then click the “change flight” button to open a new window where you may modify the specifics of your ticket, such as the name, date, and time.
  • Then, dial (877) 594-7821 to speak with a Frontier Airlines agent (hopefully before your flight has taken off).

The following sections detail the procedures you must follow to change your name on your Frontier Airlines bookings.

Reservations on Frontier Airlines: How to Change A Name On A Plane Ticket

Read below to know on how to Change A Name On A Plane Ticket:

  • First, fire up your preferred web browser and go to the official Frontier Airlines website.
  • Step 2: Enter your reservation number and choose the My Trips tab.
  • A schedule of your future travels is now available to you. If you need to alter your scheduled travel plans, choose the appropriate forthcoming trip and click the Change Flight button.
  • After that, provide your name, phone number, and email address to access your reservation data.
  • A booking summary will be shown after all required information has been entered. Be sure to double-check everything.
  • To Change A Name On A Plane Ticket after that, go to the “Personal Information” area.
  • When you’ve finished with Change A Name On A Plane Ticket, choose Save Changes and go through checkout to confirm your revised Frontier Airlines ticket.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airline Name Change on Ticket

This section discusses Hawaiian Airlines’ Change A Name On A Plane Ticket policy. If you need to update the name on your Hawaiian Airlines ticket, here are the instructions you’ll need to do it.

If you have booked a trip with Hawaiian Airlines and need to alter the name on your ticket, you can find all the information you need in this article. The instructions for changing a passenger’s name on a Hawaiian Airlines reservation have been outlined in this article.

  • Hawaiian Airlines is a major American airline that operates flights all over the globe. Numerous consumers and repeat fliers choose this airline because of the excellent service, convenient locations, and wide range of extras it offers.
  • Now, dial (877) 594-7821 to speak with a Hawaiian Airlines agent (hopefully before your flight has taken off).

Do not assume that altering a passenger’s name on a Hawaiian Airlines ticket is an insurmountable challenge. Changes to a passenger’s name on a Hawaiian Airlines aircraft may often be made with only a few minutes’ notice.

How to Get Your Hawaiian Airlines Ticket Reissued in a Different Name:

  • To access your past and future Hawaiian Airlines bookings, please visit their website and choose the “My Trips” tab.
  • After that, log in using the email address and password you used to signup.
  • Select the tab labeled “Manage My Booking.”
  • The last name of any passengers included in your booking must now be entered with your booking number or reservation reference number.
  • Select “Find my Booking” and go to the next step.
  • You can see all the flight options where adjustments may be made here. Pick the trip for which you want to enter a new name.

Select the Change Flight menu item to Change A Name On A Plane Ticket and make the necessary adjustments. If the Change Flight button is not visible for Change A Name On A Plane Ticket or if you need more information about changing the name on your Hawaiian Airlines ticket, you can always get in touch with customer service for said Change A Name On A Plane Ticket.


Aeromexico Airlines, Please Change A Name On A Plane Ticket

Here’s What You Need to Do to Have Your Name Changed on an Aeromexico Ticket: First if you need to update the name on your Aeromexico reservation, you should call the airline directly. Dial 1-800-237-6639 inside the US or Canada to get in touch.

  • If you purchased your ticket with Aeromexico online, you might see your itinerary by going to the website and selecting “Manage Your Trip.” Using this feature, you may check on things like your flight status and reservation details. There may be exceptions to the usual cost structure for changing your name, such as in the event of severe sickness or death in the family. Changing a passenger’s name on an existing Aeromexico ticket will cost you USD 25.
  • Follow up by dialing (877) 594-7821 to reach AeroMexico Airlines (hopefully, before your flight has taken off).

To avoid paying even more, contact the airline or hotel directly instead of going via a third party to Change A Name On A Plane ticket on a reservation. The same is true for award tickets or those purchased with frequent flyer points; specific guidelines must be followed to make any modifications.

Airlines Ticket Name Change
Airlines Ticket Name Change

Qatar Airways

When flying with Qatar Airways, how can I update the name on my ticket?

Having a loved one’s name on a plane ticket isn’t always possible. If travel plans change, the Qatar Airways ticket may reflect a new passenger’s name. If you want to modify the name on your Qatar Airways ticket, you’ll need to call their customer care department and make the request in person. If you need to update the name on your Qatar Airways ticket, here’s what you need to do:

  • Change A Name On A Plane Ticketon a Qatar Airways by contacting the airline’s customer service department.
  • To complete your reservation, please provide the following: Booking Number, Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number
  • Your contact information will also be requested in case they have any more questions for you.
  • Qatar Airways customer care agents will advise you of the fees associated with changing your name and the time required to effect the change.
  • Help from a Qatar Airways CSR is required for renaming airline tickets.
  • If you need to Change A Name On A Plane ticket on a Qatar Airways reservation, you must cancel the original booking and make a new reservation in the proper passenger’s name.
  • Follow up by dialing (877) 681- 0056 to reach Qatar Airways (hopefully, before your flight has taken off).

What you can do if you don’t want to cancel your reservation is subject to the terms and conditions of your airfare. Perhaps you can get away with a free rebranding if you approach them with a flexible proposal.

Emirates Airlines

It may be necessary, for valid reasons, to alter the name on your Emirates Airlines ticket. You may do this in two ways: either by calling the airline or by visiting the carrier’s website. The following are the steps you need to take to alter the name on your Emirates Airlines ticket:

Communicating with the Airline

There are three methods to get in touch with Emirates Airlines if you need to modify the name on a ticket.

  • Following that, contact Emirates Airline at (877) 681- 0056. (hopefully, before your flight has taken off).
  • Seek an Emirates Airline ticket seller in your neighborhood.
  • Go to the airport and inquire with the Emirates Airline counter workers there.
  • Emirates Airlines will enable a Change A Name On A PlaneTicketif a traveler is prepared to pay the price. Please refer to the instructions below if you need to modify the name on your Emirates airline ticket. –
  • Launch the Emirates Airline website.
  • Enter your login details here.
  • Go to the area labeled “My Reservations.”
  • Choose your reservation and then click “manage my booking.”
  • Select the “Change Passenger Name” option for Change A Name On A Plane Ticket and type in the new name.
  • Continue and pay the money to get Emirates Airlines rebranded (if applicable).

There will be no room for a Change Of Name On A Plane Ticket on this item. You may return the ticket for a full refund and rebook it under your correct name. If you have bought a non-refundable ticket, we regret to inform you that your purchase will not be returned, and a cancellation fee will be assessed per person.

Volaris Airlines

How can I transfer my Volaris Airlines ticket to another person?

There are a couple of ways to go about changing the name on your Volaris Airlines ticket.

It is possible to modify the name on a ticket. If the airline allows it, you may alter your name by calling them or doing it online. The charge for changing the name on your itinerary depends on its circumstances.

Modify Itself Online

If your flight details can be modified online, go to the airline’s website and enter the booking reference number and the passenger’s last name to get started. No further online adjustments beyond this point; phone the airline instead.

Change by Phone

Dial (877) 594-7821 to reach Volaris Airlines. When you contact, have your reservation number ready, so the agent can look up your booking and make the requested changes immediately. Verify, before your trip, what forms of identification are acceptable for overseas flights.

When available, Volaris Airlines agents at the airport check-in counter or the gate may be able to make same-day name changes for passengers. Cash, cheques, and major credit cards are all acceptable forms of payment at the airport

Norwegian Air

Unfortunately, my only advice is to get in touch with Reservations (maybe via Twitter), explain what occurred, and request assistance. Also, the booking reference number sent to your email address might be of assistance.

I need to update the name on my plane ticket since I accidentally wrote the wrong one down. To what extent do I have this choice?

  • You may be able to modify your airline reservation if you booked the wrong flight or wish to give your ticket to someone else.
  • Be sure to read the small print since airlines sometimes impose costs for making such adjustments and will not provide refunds for non-refundable tickets.

Non-refundable tickets bought on American Airlines’ website, for instance, incur a $200 fee for any revisions. If the ticket were booked via a travel agency, there would be a $300 charge. However, some agencies may be willing to cover the modification cost.

You must ensure that the new passenger’s first and last names match those on the identification they will provide at airport security and check-in if you want to transfer an airline ticket to them. If not, they can be denied boarding.

Using a credit card to book a flight gives you the option of disputing the charge with the card issuer if you disagree with the price. You won’t need to pay additional fees or penalties for making the switch, and you’ll save significant money.

Before you attempt to do this, however, you need to make sure you know the guidelines on when it is acceptable.

This option is only available if the ticket was purchased but never used. You cannot do this if you have used the ticket in any way, including boarding even a single leg of the journey. Additionally, several airlines include clauses in their contracts stating that they may charge any cancellation fee they want, even though they are under no legal obligation to do so.

Another alternative is to attempt to cancel the ticket with the airline if a credit card refund is not possible. There may be fees associated with cancelling, but they may be less expensive than continuing to pay for the service.

If none of these work because you purchased a non-refundable ticket or because the airline’s contract does not permit refunds on unused tickets, then you will have to pay the penalty costs and hope that the airline chooses to waive them at some point in the future.


If you need to change the name on your airline ticket, can you do that?

If you need to Change A Name On A Plane Ticket, be aware that most airlines will charge a small fee. Some airlines will let you correct miss pelt names on a reservation but won’t let you give someone else your plane ticket. These alterations might only involve one or two characters. Depending on the airline, you may be unable to make any changes. Contact our customer service department if you need to change the name on your Alternative Airlines ticket, and they will walk you through the administration fee and the total cost of making the change.

Changing a passenger’s name on a plane ticket?

If you need to change the name on a plane ticket, you should contact the airline or travel agency you booked with as soon as possible after you realize the error. Since many airlines enforce a deadline for name changes, this is the case (generally up to 24 hours before the flight). In most cases, we will correct typos up to three letters for free, but we reserve the right to charge for more extensive name changes. You may have to cancel and rebook your flight. Call +441293 874 920 between 8 am and 8 pm UK GMT, Monday through Friday, to Change A Name On A Plane Ticketor on an Alternative Airlines flight.

What should you do if you discover a misspelled word on your airline ticket?

If your name is misspelled on your cheap flight ticket, please get in touch with the airline you’re flying with or Alternative Airlines as soon as possible to fix the error. If the name on your passport does not match the name on your ticket, you may be denied boarding. However, each airline has its policy about name changes, and it may be possible to make a minor adjustment at no extra cost to the customer. Please visit our travel documents page to find out whether you need a passport to fly and for additional information regarding travel papers.

What can you expect if the second surname is not shown on your airline ticket?

If you have a double-barreled last name and just one surname appears on your plane ticket, you should contact the airline or travel agency where you made the reservation so that the name may be corrected. Tickets should always be purchased in the passenger’s name, shown in their passport, or another form of travel documentation. You must remove any non-alphanumeric characters from your name before making a reservation. Alternatively, you may read our tutorial on how to Change A Name On A Plane Ticket or on your Alternative Airlines reservation.

What is the fee for altering a passenger’s name on a plane ticket?

Each airline’s fee for changing a passenger’s name on a plane ticket differs. Changing a minor error is usually free. However, certain airlines may charge for rebooking a customer. If travelers have to rebook their plane ticket under a different name, they may be charged a cancellation fee.

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