Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck 2024

Don’t want to deal with the stress of stand-in lines at Southwest’s check-in desks? The answer is Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck. You can get ahead of other people at check-in if you apply for TSA PreCheck and keep it up to date with your plane tickets. You can use the different lines for screening at the airport. Plus, don’t worry about how to add TSA PreCheck to your Southwest Airlines ticket; this guide tells you almost everything you need to know. Read this quickly to find out about Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck, KTN, Redress, and other things.

What does Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck mean?

Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck is a program for known travelers that is run by DHS TSA. People who are eligible and are flying on domestic or international flights, like flights from Atlanta to Hyderabad, can use the expedited screening program. This lets travellers who have been on pre-approval leave their shoes, light outerwear, belt, and laptop in its case on while going through airport security. People from the US who are part of frequent flyer programs, Trusted Traveler Programs run by U.S.

How do I get Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck, and what are the pros?

Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck is for people who don’t like having to stand in long lines, take off their shoes, belt, coats, etc., and take their laptop and drinks out of their bags. So. Ready to skip security lines and sign up for Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck? To get TSA PreCheck, you need to do a few things:

  • To apply, go to the TSA website and fill out an online form.
  • Fees of $78 must be paid.
  • Set up a time for a 10-minute background check to happen in person.
  • You can use Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck for 5 years after your application approval.

Here are the best things that will happen to you once your Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck application gets conformation:

  • You do not have to take off your shoes, belts, coats, computers, or 3-1-1 drinks when you have TSA PreCheck.
  • The tool speeds up the security checks for people, making the trip better and safer.
  • You can get Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck at more than 200 airports and on 85 flights.
  • With this fast and easy security checking process, tourists can feel good about planning their trips.

How to get Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck?

Do you have a Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck number? Yes? Good job! To make changes, go to your Southwest Rapid Rewards page or the airline’s website and add your new PreCheck or KTN number. This lets the TSA get your information immediately when you log in to your account to book both local and foreign trips. Let’s find out more about how to add Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck to both new and current Southwest Airlines tickets.

Book new flights with Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck

When you book your next Southwest Airlines trip, make sure you put your PreCheck number. You can make changes to your KTN or PreCheck number on your Southwest Rapid Rewards page or on the airline’s website.

You will put your name in the Who’s Flying? area after you have picked out your flight dates and times. Then, click Secure Traveler Information and in the Known Traveler # box, type in your PreCheck or Known Traveler Number. It will make sure that your KTN or PreCheck number is put into the TSA’s private flying system along with your other information so that it can be processed further.

AddingSouthwest Airlines TSA PreCheck to an existing Southwest Airlines reservation

Are you ready to book your Southwest flights? Don’t worry—you can also add your PreCheck number to bookings that are already done. Before check-in, you can add the number to each flight by hand. There is an airline customer care line you can call if you are having trouble changing your Redress or PreCheck number. They will be happy to help you. They’ll help you.

Tip: If you don’t know what a Redress number is or how to sign up for one, read our guide here. You’ll find out everything.

Adding Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck to your boarding pass

Once your Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck application is accepted, you’ll need to make changes to your account or flight reservations to get the most out of the program. Make sure you print your boarding pass only after your PreCheck or KTN number has been updated. This is because you won’t be able to use the special TSA screening lines at the airport if your boarding pass doesn’t have the TSA Pre stamp on it.

Look right below the words Southwest Airlines that are right above your name on the boarding pass. ‘TSA PRE’ should be there on your ticket. ‘TSA Pre’ and a green stamp should be in the upper right area of a mobile boarding pass.


What do I need to do to add KTN to my Southwest reservation?

If you agree to the price of your flight, the Southwest website will take you to the Purchase page, which has headers that say Enter Traveler Information and Who’s Flying. Fill out the form with your full name and date of birth. In the Known Traveler # field, write down your KTN number. You can change the number on your Southwest Rapid Rewards page.

Why doesn’t Southwest add my Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck number to my reservations?

The PreCheck mark won’t show up on your boarding pass if your information is even slightly different from what is on file with Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck or TSA Global Entry. Also, it’s possible that you put your KTN number in the wrong field. So, be careful every time you fill out your information.

How do I add Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck to a Southwest trip that I already have booked?

Go to the website and type in your flight reservation number along with your first and last name. After that, you can go to the area where you change traveler information and add your KTN or PreCheck number to a flight you have already booked.

How do I know if the changes to my Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck account went through?

Print out your flight pass. Above your name, you’ll see the words TSA PRE. You will also see TSA Pre and a green stamp on the mobile boarding pass. If not, you’ve given in the wrong information, and your Southwest Airlines TSA PreCheck is not there in your bookings.

How do I add Global Entry to my Southwest Airlines account?

First, go to your profile and log in. Then, go to personal details and change or add your Secure Flight passenger Data and your Global Entry or KTN number. You can add it when you book your flight on Southwest Airlines’ main website.

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