54 Best Things to do in San Juan Puerto Rico (2024)

Innovative and tenacious, Puerto Rico’s capital city of San Juan is resilient and passionate. Listening is one of the most incredible things to do in San Juan, whether it’s to the tales told over coffee by the city’s long-time inhabitants, to the sizzle of the pan as a family recipe comes to life in a cooking lesson or the history of the city’s castles and forts from the 16th century. Explore San Juan from the viewpoint of a local with Airbnb’s experiences.

San Juan has an abundance of things to see and do. Look for museums and stores in the city’s downtown district and that next great lunch. If you’re looking for something to do, you may see a theatre performance or stroll along the street and watch people go by.

There is no need to obsess about what to do in San Juan for hours on end. Is the wind whispering in your ear, making you think of something? Instead, take a road trip outside the city boundaries and into the great unknown in a rented automobile. Find out the tales behind the smaller towns and cities located outside the country’s borders. You’ll be transported back to your youth as you eat cotton candy at a county fair. Visit a forgotten highway rest station and try some homemade jam, or get lost in the ordered chaos of a contemporary city and experience the modern-day hustle and bustle for yourself. It’s up to you to decide what you want to do and what you want to see.

Attractions in San Juan are never far away when you book your trip with Travelocity. When you work with us to organize your vacation, you’ll save money that you can use towards something fun along the road. Everything you need to get started, whether you like the hustle and bustle of the city or the peace of a more laid-back vacation, is right here.

Things to do in san juan puerto rico
Things to do in san juan puerto rico

What should you not miss in San Juan, Puerto Rico?

Don’t forget to visit the Museo de Arte de Ponce, which is considered one of the top art museums in the Caribbean, and where you may easily spend several hours taking in the many exhibitions. Also, make sure to see Ponceos, Puerto Rico’s most photographed, and Square Las Delicias, the city’s gorgeous centre plaza, which are both worth visiting.

What should you avoid in Puerto Rico?

It is typically safe for people to visit Puerto Rico if they take the necessary precautions regarding the continuing epidemic. Visitors visiting Puerto Rico should be aware of the hurricane season while planning their vacation and take the usual measures to prevent being robbed or pickpocketed.

Although Puerto Rico has a lower crime rate than many other cities in the United States, it is nevertheless one of the Caribbean’s safest destinations. Drug trafficking and gang activities are the primary causes of Puerto Rico’s violent gun violence, which seldom affects tourists.

What are three things you could do in San Juan, Puerto Rico?

However, if you don’t have the proper knowledge, you can lose out on incredible opportunities! So make sure you finish reading this list.

  • San Juan del Sur

One of the most excellent spots to visit in Puerto Rico is Old San Juan. The colourful colonial mansions, antique forts, cobblestone lanes, and Spanish-style structures transport tourists back in time 500 years. Whether you stay in Old San Juan or anywhere else in the city, walking these alleys is an unforgettable experience!

  • Ventana Cave

There are a lot of caverns in Puerto Rico, but this one is undoubtedly the greatest! Cueva Ventana, or Window Cave, has one of the country’s most spectacular vistas. This cave, located near Arecibo, lies atop a limestone cliff and offers tourists a bird’s eye view of the Puerto Rican countryside via its natural window opening. The trek to reach there is moderate.

  • National Rainforest of El Yunque

El Yunque National Forest is the most acceptable option if you’ve visited Old San Juan and seek different exciting things to do in Puerto Rico. It has exciting treks, a spectacular view of the north coast, and several waterfalls, tidal pools, and rivers to swim in for nature enthusiasts.

What are two popular tourist attractions in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico, as a tropical Caribbean vacation destination, offers everything. Beautiful palm-lined beaches attract all types of beachgoers, from couples and kids to hard-core surfers, with some having relatively calm seas lapping the golden sand and others having tremendous waves and famed surf breaks.

Puerto Rico is a delightful surprise for nature enthusiasts, with the US Forest System’s sole tropical rainforest and the Bioluminescent Bay’s evening delights. The image when you add the culture and beauty of ancient San Juan, with its colonial architecture and historical forts.

  • San Cristóbal Castillo

Castillo of San Cristóbal, hidden in plain sight but in the shadow of the more renowned El Morro (which receives all the attention), is well worth visiting. San Cristobal is more significant than El Morro, so wear your walking shoes. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most prominent Spanish fort ever erected in the New World.

  • Island of Culebra

Although Culebra and Vieques are together, this tiny island with gorgeous beaches and green hills has its distinct personality. The pace is slow, and the mood is laid-back. On the island, ecotourism is widespread, and many of the tourist attractions by foreigners.

 Things to do in san juan puerto rico
Things to do in san juan puerto rico

Romantic things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean, is an excellent choice for couples looking for a romantic getaway at any time of year. This unincorporated US territory is significant for honeymoons, weekend vacations, and romantic retreats because of its rich Latin culture, historic grandeur, and laid-back charm. Many activities on your trip to Puerto Rico will make for an intimate and extraordinary holiday, whether it’s horseback riding on the beach at sunset or learning to salsa dance with your spouse.

Outdoor activities in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Even though Puerto Rico is known for its stunning beaches, there are some incredible adventures on the island. A San Juan ATV tour is a great way to see the city from a unique perspective. There is nobody, and that’s who you’re looking for. Take a look at these exciting outdoor activities in Puerto Rico.

In Puerto Rico, ziplining is a popular pastime since it lets you fly through the air while savouring the island’s breathtaking scenery. A 200-acre national park in the Bayamon district of Puerto Rico, Julio Enrique Monagas Park is a great place to get your adrenaline pumping while soaking in the magnificent scenery and environment of the island.

One of the numerous cost-free activities in Puerto Rico is this spelunking expedition. You don’t need a tour guide to navigate the cave, so you can do your thing, have fun, and go whenever you like—all at no additional charge.

Things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with kids

Puerto Rico’s capital city, San Juan, sits on the North Atlantic Ocean’s coastline. Take your children on an unforgettable journey filled with exciting and amusing activities.

Going on a nature walk, cooling down at a water park, or spending the day at a beautiful beach are all activities that might help you relax. In addition to visiting a museum, signing up for a guided tour, or strolling through ancient districts, you may also spend the day inside.

Thanks to various kid-friendly activities, you and your family will have a fantastic vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Read More – Things to do in Mexico city.

Things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico Reddit

As a result, the city has some genuinely magnificent attractions for visitors of all ages and interests. As a native of San Juan, they are familiar with all of them.

San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a fusion of modernism and nature, including a UNESCO world heritage site and beautiful beaches.

As a native Puerto Rican, they can tell you that there’s much more to see and do in other parts of the island, such as Santurce, Condado, Ocean Park, and Hato Rey.

San Juan is home to several of the favourite things to do in Puerto Rico, so they can sympathize with the difficulty of choosing which attractions to visit. For your convenience, they have produced a list of the top things to do in San Juan Puerto Rico, according to a local, so that you won’t miss a beat.

Unique things to do in San Juan

If you’re a fan of the Caribbean, you’ll love it here! Let’s look at some of the top things to do in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

If you’re looking for an exciting vacation in Puerto Rico, go no further than Mona Island. One of the most beautiful places in Puerto Rico, the island off the island’s western coast has an abundance of natural attractions that include scuba diving and snorkelling and hiking, and camping. Only 100 people are allowed at a time, and they recommend making a reservation in advance.

Things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for free

There is no denying that San Juan is a must-see destination for anybody who hasn’t been to the United States. What evidence do you need? Then tell us whether you can have an inexpensive vacation to Puerto Rico by including these free activities in your schedule. You are just joking. They have figured it out, and it’s a resounding yes. Do you have any concerns or inquiries? Could you send us an e-mail?

What could be better than sipping fine wine and taking in a few local art exhibits? It is entirely free to do both. Once a month, the galleries and museums in Old San Juan open their doors to the public for free on the first Tuesday of the month. Attending Noche de Galerias doesn’t even need a reservation—even though it’s one of the most enjoyable things to do in San Juan.

Things to do in san juan puerto rico

Things to do in Puerto Rico

For those looking for an adventure, Puerto Rico’s attractions include zip line trips the trees, the rainforests of El Yunque, and the Cueva Ventana (like the 500-year-old walls of the El Morro fort). Between the two extremes, there exists a wide range of possibilities. Old San Juan’s stores and outlets are a must-see for tourists. Sunbathers and surfers will enjoy Crash Boat’s western coastlines, while night owls can enjoy Vieques’ bioluminescent Mosquito Bay. If you’re unsure where to start, try attending one of Puerto Rico’s finest guided tours.

Water things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Because of Puerto Rico’s year-round tropical environment, its beaches are always ready to welcome visitors. If you don’t mind getting wet, there are various beaches. Beaches in Puerto Rico range from picture-perfect vistas to sailing excursions, surfing, paddling a kayak, or diving or snorkelling. The beaches on the island are among the world’s most extraordinary.

Things to do in san Juan pr

Not to be visited at night are the Palomas Park and the Puerta de Tierra, and it does not preclude visitors from exploring different regions of the island.

Things to do in the San Juan islands

In the San Juan Islands, there are so many things to do that you’ll never run out of options! A well-thought-out itinerary is especially critical if your time on the islands will be limited. Organizing your trip’s activities, housing, and meals in advance ensures that you’ll receive your first choice and hence a better experience. The cancellation policies of most tour operators are liberal if you need to make alterations.

Asked a Seattle resident what their dream Pacific Northwest island vacation would be, San Juan Island almost always comes to mind. The island is a Mediterranean paradise during the summer months, and there are long, sunny days and kilometres of sparkling water to enjoy—an island explorer’s paradise.

Things to do in San Juan at night

Tourists may choose from various lodging options, including eco-friendly properties and five-star resorts. Bioluminescent bays and other nighttime activities are very popular in Puerto Rico, which you may not have heard about before. So, if you’re feeling adventurous at night and want to explore the area around your hotel, go for it!

La Laguna Grande, Mosquito Bay, and La Parguera are three of Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bays (in Lajas). Kayaking in Mosquito Bay’s dazzling waters, the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay, is an odd experience.

Things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for free

While visiting Puerto Rico, you can splurge and have the vacation of your dreams, and it’s beautiful to know that you don’t have to go broke to have a good time. In truth, Puerto Rico offers a wide range of cost-free activities. How to spend virtually little money and yet enjoy yourself? These are the most excellent methods to accomplish it!

It is a must-have for art connoisseurs. In peak season (February to May and September to December), if you’re in Old San Juan on the first Tuesday of every month, go out for an evening of art appreciation and complimentary wine. The doors to around 20 of the island’s top galleries stay open late on these evenings so that visitors may peruse their collections. Open-air museum meets cocktail party: that’s the vibe. Sometimes street performers bring a little whimsy to the evening with them.

Things to do in San Juan, Costa Rica

This gorgeous country is renowned for its lush forests and stunning beaches, yet San Jose is frequently overlooked.

San Jose is an excellent stopover before travelling north to Monteverde if you’re flying into Costa Rica. Take most of your time in San Jose by seeing some of the city’s top attractions. A huge city like San Jose might be intimidating, mainly if you’ve never been there before.

This guide to San Jose’s finest attractions will teach you about the city’s beautiful attractions and some of its perils.

Things to do in San Juan Puerto

San Juan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including beautiful beaches, hotels, museums, and parks. San Juan National Historic Site visitors may enjoy the city’s cafés, restaurants, and beaches. The most important things to do in San Juan Puerto Rico, are listed below for your convenience. It is possible that certain attractions may be closed or need prior bookings at short notice. Availability/hours are subject to change.

Things to do in San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur is primarily a tourist destination, a small hamlet in Nicaragua. Everything is within walking distance, and the “tourist mood” makes travelling entirely secure and straightforward. Almost everyone can communicate in English, and the advertising currency is the US dollar (USD).

The cost of living is relatively low, and there is a wide variety of western-style dining, drinking, and lodging options. Hundreds of people go to San Juan del Sur every weekend for an event dubbed Sunday Funday San Juan del Sur, one of the world’s most popular parties. In addition to the party atmosphere, the town has an incredible calmness.

San Juan del Sur doesn’t have a lot to offer in attractions or activities, and relaxation is what they are all about these days. Is there something wrong with that? San Juan del Sur, in Central America, isn’t as chaotic as other cities in the vicinity.

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