Why Are Flights So Expensive In December ? 2023

As December draws closer, a good number of us begin to fantasize about spending the holiday season in warmer climates, with our families, or on vacation. However, the high cost of flying at this time of year is a big cause of annoyance for vacationers who are traveling for the holidays. Finding a vacation choice that is both affordable and convenient over the winter holidays may become more challenging. This essay will explore the factors that led to the sharp rise in the cost of flight in December, as well as provide some suggestions for coping with the current market conditions. So let’s uncover that why are flights so expensive in December.

Holiday Demand

The increase in demand for air travel in December is the primary factor contributing to the rise in ticket prices. This is why are flights so expensive in December. The winter holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve are most often celebrated in December, which is also known as the “Christmas month.” This is the month when there is a significant increase in the number of people traveling to be with their relatives for significant holidays, and this trend is expected to continue. The price of plane tickets has grown recently as a direct result of the increasing demand.

Limited Availability

It is possible that finding available seats on flights during the month of December may be challenging due to the high volume of customers seeking to make reservations at this time. This is the time which makes flight expensive and is answer for why are flights so expensive in December. Since of this, there are often fewer tickets available at the standard price during the month of this holiday since airline occupancy rates are typically higher than normal during this time. The airlines are aware that passengers would need to reserve a ticket during peak season, therefore when the number of available seats diminishes, they increase the prices of their tickets.

Supply and Demand Economics

Third reason of why are flights so expensive in December is supply and demand. The time-tested economic principle of supply and demand is a significant factor in the determination of the cost of airline tickets. When there is a balance between supply and demand, airlines are able to determine appropriate rates for their services. In December, there is a large spike in the number of reservations made, but the total number of tickets that may be purchased remains relatively unchanged. As a result, there is a need for an increase in pricing to preserve parity.

Holiday Surcharge

In order to boost their income at the busiest time of the year for travel, a number of airlines include a holiday surcharge in their ticket prices. An additional fee is added on top of the basic rate for any flights that are booked during the month of December and any other months that have a high volume of holiday travelers. As a result of increased operational costs during the Christmas season, including as labor and maintenance, airlines are forced to charge a premium in order to compensate for those costs. Although airlines do have greater expenses during the holiday travel season, the holiday surcharge is often more than the actual increased costs. This is why are flights so expensive in December.

Last-Minute Booking

Putting off making your ticket reservations for December might wind up costing you more money in the long run. As a consequence of the unpredictability of holiday travel plans, an increasing number of individuals are booking reservations at the eleventh hour, which often leads to much higher prices. The airlines are aware that consumers who wait until the eleventh hour to book their tickets have fewer options and are willing to pay a higher cost as a result of this limited choice.

Competition Among Travelers

Another reason why are flights so expensive in December. Customers are not only competing with one another but also with airlines for a restricted number of seats. There may be a large increase in expenses as a result of the intense competition for tickets on popular flights and itineraries. There is a possibility that ticket prices may increase even more as a result of pricing rivalry due to the volatile nature of the airline sector.

Seasonal Destinations

Some locations are more popular than others in December due of the allure that they have throughout the winter season or because they provide a nice escape from locations that are colder. There are several types of vacation spots that are open for a portion of the year. Some examples are ski towns, tropical beaches, and European Christmas markets. Because airlines are aware of how popular these destinations are during the Christmas season, the cost of flights to and from these regions is significantly increased.

Reduced Competition

There is less rivalry between airlines in December, which is another factor that adds to higher travel prices. During the shoulder seasons, several airlines reduce or even terminate service to destinations that are not as often traveled to save money. As a consequence of this, travellers have fewer options, and airlines are able to charge higher costs without being concerned that they would lose customers. The another reason why are flights so expensive in December.

Strategies to Save on Flights in December

Even if it’s possible that traveling during the month of December for Christmas will cost a lot of money, there are methods to save costs without having to alter your plans.

Book Early: If you are able to plan ahead, making early reservations for your December trip might help you save money. Airlines often provide discounts for passengers who book their flights in advance.

Use Fare Comparison Websites: Utilize a website or app that compares fares in order to get the best possible deals. With the help of these tools, you will be able to choose the most financially advantageous travel options among the wide variety of airlines and booking sites that are now accessible.

Flexible Dates: Make sure that your travel arrangements include enough wiggle space. If you are flexible with your departure and arrival dates, you may be able to save money by taking advantage of price swings that may be rather dramatic from one day to the next.

Avoid Peak Travel Days: If you can help it, you should try to avoid traveling in the days running up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve since those days tend to be quite busy. Traveling at these periods of the year will, on average, cost you the most money.

Consider Nearby Airports: Check to see if there are any nearby airports that provide flights to your destination at a lower cost. It takes some flexibility to save a significant amount of money on flight, such as being prepared to fly into or out of an airport that is a bit farther away from your destination.

Consider making use of the accumulated frequent flyer miles or credit card points that you have in order to cut down on the total cost of your trip plans for the month of December.

Set Fare Alerts: Join price watch lists offered by airlines and travel websites in order to be notified when prices are reduced. You will be alerted as soon as the prices for your favorite route are lowered if you sign up for this alert and keep it active.

Package Deals: You should look for deals that cover both your travel and lodging expenses and try to get them. If you buy both of these goods at the same time, you may be able to obtain a discount on the total price.

Travel Light: Packing carefully might help you avoid wasting time at airport security checkpoints. It’s possible that you may save money on airline baggage costs by transporting all of your possessions in only a carry-on bag.

Consider Alternative Transportation: It is important to consider all of your travel options since it is conceivable that riding the train or a bus can get you to your destination at a lower cost than driving there yourself.


So this is why are flights so expensive in December. Flights during the month of December may be more expensive than usual since there is a low supply and a high demand, but if you plan ahead and do some research, you may find options that are within your price range. You may realize your December vacation desires without breaking the bank if you plan ahead, including some degree of flexibility in your schedule, and make use of tools that allow you to compare prices online. Finding flights at a reasonable price during the Christmas season involves both perseverance and patience.

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