Nonstop Flights Between US to Europe Updated List 2024

Are you on the hunt for Direct flights to Germany from USA? Or looking for a Flight from USA to London? Whatever you are planning, FlyusTravels has the perfect treat for you. We will assist you in searching and booking the best and cheapest nonstop flights from the USA to any country in Europe. 

For travelers who are pondering about pursuing their higher studies abroad, gearing up for an awesome group trip with their friends, or getting prepared for a family trip, Europe is a go-to option. It is full of joy and excitement as there is no shortage of natural wonders and man-made masterpieces. 

Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, France, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, and Switzerland are some of the most visited independent countries in Europe. Millions of students, professionals, backpackers, and commuters travel to these countries each year for different purposes. If you also have any plan or purpose to visit any European country, such as Germany, we can get you a ticket for Direct flights to Germany from USA or to any other European country from the USA without any hassle. We guarantee the same. 

Direct Flights to Germany from the USA

A myriad of connecting flights flies from the USA to Germany, including Condor, Lufthansa, Air Serbia, Tap Air Portugal, United Airlines, Icelandair, Brussels Airlines, JetBlue, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Aer Lingus, Swiss, Austrian, American Airlines, British Airways, Air Canada, and so on. However, only United Airlines, Lufthansa, Eurowings Discover, Condor, and Brussels Airlines are among those that provide their direct flight operations to Germany from the USA. Travelers seeking Direct flights to Germany from USA should prefer these airlines. But do not forget to check if there are other options available too. It might be possible that some other airlines also start their nonstop flights from the USA to Germany. 

Best Departure and Arrival Airports 

Flights to Germany depart from various US international airports, including Hartsfield Jackson, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, O’Hare International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, George Bush Intercontinental Airport, McCarran International Airport, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Pick your Direct flights to Germany from USA from any of these international airports closest to your location. 

Berlin Airport, Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, Munich Airport, Cologne-Bonn Airport, Hamburg Airport, Düsseldorf Airport, and Stuttgart Airport are the major international airports in Germany where you conveniently land. Pick any of these German international airports as per your comforts. 

Places to Explore in Germany 

Germany has no shortage of natural beauties and man-made tourist attractions. On your trip to this amazing country, you will have an opportunity to discover the fascinating national capital- Berlin, and one of the loveliest cities in the country- Munich. Other outstanding locations that you shouldn’t miss exploring in Germany include Medieval Rothenburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Baden-Baden & the Black Forest, Hamburg, Cologne Koblenz & the Rhine Valley, and Dresden. 

Direct flights to Barcelona from US

Barcelona is a metropolitan city in Spain, famous for hosting several international sports events, conferences, and expositions. It also has a football team named FC Barcelona which receives endless love and support from worldwide. The team has many trophies and medals under its belt. There is a museum named Camp Nou in Barcelona that exhibits all the trophies, medals, and other achievements of the FC Barcelona football team. If you love the FC Barcelona team, you must visit this prestigious place. Just make up your mind, we will provide our seamless assistance to get you cheap tickets for Direct flights to Barcelona from US without any hassle. 

Apart from this, the city is renowned for its excellence in arts and architecture and its spectacular nightlife and culture. The most notable attractions to visit in the magnificent city of Spain- Barcelona include the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic), Casa Batllo, Basílica de Santa Maria del Mar, Camp Nou, The Magic Fountain, and Barcelona Cathedral. If you ever plan to visit the mesmerizing Barcelona for watching a sports event or attending an international conference, Flyus Travels will assist you in getting Direct flights to Barcelona from US at a below-average price. Feel free to have a conversation with our ticketing experts. They will get you a flight ticket within a few minutes. 

Airlines that Operate Direct flights to Barcelona from US

The flying distance between the US and Barcelona is around 3785 miles. This distance can be easily traveled by air within 8 hours. This is one of the most prominent reasons travelers planning to go for a Barcelona trip can readily find a multitude of Direct flights to Barcelona from US. The airlines that operate their nonstop flights between these two locations include: 

  • Iberia 
  • Virgin Atlantic 
  • Air France 
  • Level 
  • Vueling Airlines 
  • Lufthansa 
  • KLM
  • Finnair 
  • American Airlines 
  • Delta Airlines 
  • United Airlines
  • British Airways 

Best Airports to Catch Cheap Direct flights to Barcelona from US

Commuters, excursionists, and tourists gearing up for a Barcelona trip can catch cheap direct flights from New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta GA, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. The shortest route to Barcelona is New York to Barcelona and Philadelphia to Barcelona while the longest air route between these locations is Los Angeles to Barcelona. If you want to reach your travel destination shortly, pick either New York to Barcelona or Philadelphia to Barcelona route. 

Direct flights to Poland from USA

Poland, a central European country, famous as one of the most popular hubs for international education, is a great place to explore adventures and natural wonders. It is the seventh most populous city and one of the most powerful economies in Europe. The superpower Russia, Germany, and Ukraine are its neighboring countries and Poland has great connectivity with these countries. 

Poland is also eminent for its diverse culture, religious people, churches, world’s famous Pope John Paul, historical monuments, amber products, Polish cinema, salt mines, and ski jumping. If you are interested in visiting this magnificent place, we can arrange direct flights to Poland from the US for you at a very low price. 

Airlines that Operate Direct Flights to Poland from the US

Direct flights to Poland from the US are rare. Only LOT Polish Airlines operate direct flights to Poland from the US. Most direct flights depart from Los Angeles and land in Warsaw. If you are looking for Direct flights to Poland from USA, you can find the flight readily from Los Angeles, CA. The other cities in the US where you can catch a direct flight to Poland include Chicago and New York while the other landing destinations in Poland include Krakow and Rzeszow.

Places to Explore in Poland 

Poland has more than a thousand years of history. You can find and explore an array of historical places, monuments, and museums that depict a broad picture of the country. There are also loads of natural landscapes, forest reserves, lakes, and rivers that make the country more pleasant and charming. 

The finest places to explore in Poland include Wroclaw, Tatra Mountains, Warsaw, Krakow, Bieszczady Mountains, Gdansk, Torun, Isle of Usedom, Zalipie Village, Bialowieza Forest Reserve. If you are prepping for a trip to Poland, visiting these places can spice up your trip. Contact Flyustravels to find and reserve the best Direct flights to Poland from USA.

Direct Flight to Italy From the US

Food, luxury fashion brands, and arts are what come to mind very first whenever we talk about Italy. However, there is a lot more than these in Italy. From notable artists, scenic landscapes, and luxury cars to the extreme love for football are what also depict Italy. It is a fantastic country to visit for all kinds of travelers. Whether you are prepping to continue your higher studies abroad or gearing up for a vacation trip with your friends or family, this historical country meets your purposes perfectly. Meet FlyusTravels professionals to get Direct flights to Italy from US. Our experts will assist you with this and get your tickets booked in no time. 

Nonstop Flights Between US to Europe
Nonstop Flights Between US to Europe

Direct Flight to Rome From US

Rome, also called the Eternal City, is the national capital of Italy. It is one of the most ancient cities available across the world. As per the beliefs, the city has existed since 753 BC. Travelers can find an array of ancient places equipped with ancient arts and items used many centuries ago in this iconic historical city of Italy. The city also has the most number of UNESCO Heritage Sites that make it stand out among the top world’s tourist attractions. Travelers who are seeking Direct flights to Italy from US must visit this Eternal City. 

A myriad of American and European international airlines provide direct flights to Rome, including ITA Airways, Brussels Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa, Air France, American Airlines, Finnair, British Airways, Iberia, and KLM. Most of these airlines operate their direct flights from the following US cities:

  • Chicago 
  • Los Angeles
  • Atlanta GA
  • Miami
  • New York 
  • Dallas TX
  • Washington DC
  • Philadelphia PA
  • Boston MA
  • Charlotte NC 

If you are on the hunt for Direct Flight to Rome From US, the aforementioned US cities would be your departing destinations. Pick New York or Washington DC as your departing destination as this would be the shortest route to reach Rome. 

Generally, tickets for Direct Flight to Rome From US are expensive, especially in the high season. If you want to get some cheap flight tickets, you should make your bookings in the low season, such as the month of February. 

Flight from USA to London

London, probably the most fascinating city in Europe, eminent for several awe-inspiring architectural masterpieces, is the national capital of England and the United Kingdom. It is another historical European city that has a rich history. It has existed since Roman Emperor times. Travelers pondering an exciting trip to London can get a Flight from USA to London with our professional assistance. Speak to our ticketing specialists for the same. 

London has been the top tourist attraction in Europe. Millions of people visit this iconic metropolis for different reasons. Some get into London for continuing their higher studies while others land in the city for celebrating vacation, attending corporate events, or meeting their family members. If you also have a reason to land in London, we can arrange a Flight from USA to London for you in no time. 

London is a magnificent city. With an exhibition of an array of shopping malls, business centers, residential towers, bridges, and ancient churches, the city is a perfect combination of ancient architectural brilliance and modern architectural masterpieces. It also has amazing nightlife, exclusive wines, adventure tours, and a variety of quality foods to offer. You will surely have no shortage of fun and enjoyment on your trip to London. So, if you have any upcoming plans to catch a Flight from USA to London, it is surely going to be astonishing. 

Airlines that Fly Direct to London 

Since the distance between the USA and London can be traveled within 7 to 10 hours, there is no shortage of direct flights from the USA to London. More than a dozen airlines provide their direct flight operations from the US to London. Some of those include Lufthansa, United Airlines, Delta, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, KLM, Brussels Airlines, British Airways, Austrian, Iberia, American Airlines, Finnair, and others. 

Travelers who are looking for a round trip can also get a Flight from London to USA as a multitude of airlines operates between London and the USA.


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