Nonstop Flights to India From Canada- Updated List 2024

Traveling from Canada to India or India to Canada has been easy and smooth for many decades. But, nowadays, it has got even easier. Travelers seeking basic economy-class flights, premium economy-class flights, business-class flights, first-class flights, connecting flights, or nonstop flights to India from Canada can easily find one. Thanks to the great bilateral relationship both these countries carry. 

Millions of citizens of these countries have been frequently traveling between Canada and India for many decades. But, with the bilateral relationship between these countries getting more powerful in recent times, the number of passengers traveling between these countries has increased even more, and so does the number of aircraft operating on this route. 

It’s easy to find direct flights from India to Canada as several Indian and Canadian airlines provide their direct flight operations on this route. Air Canada alone operates more than 20 of its flights between Canada and India. The other major airlines which provide their flight operations between these countries include KLM, British Airways, American Airlines, WestJet, Lufthansa, Delta Air Lines, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, and Air India. Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are the hubs for most of the airlines operating their flights from Canada to India. In India, New Delhi- the national capital, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai are the airlines’ hubs. 

The fastest and most convenient way to get direct flights from India to Canada is to catch a flight from Toronto Pearson International Airport and land at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, or Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai. 

Finding Nonstop Flights to India From Canada

Canada is a part of North America. It is located at the top of the continent and bordered by the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic oceans. In contrast, India is located at the bottom of Asia. The flying distance between these two countries is around 7,122 miles and it takes almost 15 hours to cover this long distance. 

Due to such a long distance between Canada and India, very few airlines operate their direct flights from India to Canada. Air Canada and Air India are among them. Travelers willing to take a nonstop flight to reach India should either search for the flights on these airlines’ official websites or contact us. Our professionals carry more than a decade of experience in this field. They will indeed find and book a perfect nonstop flight for you that matches your travel requirements. 

Best Options to Find Nonstop Flights to India From Canada

Since nonstop flights to India from Canada are rare, finding one at an average or below-average price could be a little tough. You can easily find a multitude of connecting flights operating on this route, but the options for direct flights are very limited. However, there are many useful ways travelers can find perfect flights from Toronto to New Delhi or to any other prominent airport in India. Find them out below!

Start Your Flight Search At Least 10-12 Weeks Before Your Travel Date 

You should always make your airline reservations at least a month before your departure date. If you are making up your mind to catch nonstop Toronto to India flights, you should make your reservation even earlier. And for that, starting your flight search at least 3 months prior to your travel date is crucial. 

Do not keep hovering on just a few airlines’ websites to find your desired flight with cheap tickets, but extend your flight search to different sources, such as airfare comparison websites, Google Flights, third-party booking sites, flight search tools, and also Wikipedia. This will surely help in finding direct flights from India to Canada as soon as possible. 

Go With Air Canada or Air India Flights 

Most airlines providing their flights from Canada to India do not operate many direct flights on the same route. Only a few of those operate direct flights, including Air Canada and Air India. Explore the online flight search and booking portals of these two airline brands, you will find the information if the seats are available on their direct flights on the date you are looking for. Apart from this, explore their social media posts and updates, you might find some useful information about the same. 

Reasons to Book Nonstop Flights to India From Canada

Nonstop flights are usually expensive, no matter where the flight is originating from or where it is scheduled to land. But, at the same time, these flights provide the ultimate air travel experience to passengers. From the time you board the aircraft to the moment you land to your arrival, you receive an outstanding experience. Apart from this, these are the fastest flights for any route. When you take connecting flights or the ones that have a stop, some of your travel time gets consumed at the connecting airport. And because of this, your travel time gets extended. But, when you pick nonstop flights to India from Canada, you arrive at your destination within the average travel time. 

If you are thinking about the extra cost and extra expenses, you need not worry as we have the expertise to get you some attractive discounts. We have good tie-ups with major airlines and some reliable consolidators, so we can assist you in getting some really attractive bumper discount deals on your nonstop flights to India from Canada.

Book Nonstop Flights from Toronto to New Delhi

The most convenient way to fly from Canada to India is to catch Nonstop Flights from Toronto to New Delhi. The distance between Toronto Pearson International Airport and Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi is approx 7228 miles which is covered by an Air Canada’s or Air India’s nonstop flight within 15 hours. Both the airlines provide excellent amenities and services on their Toronto to India flights. You can pick any of these airlines as per your travel requirements and preferences. 

Nonstop Flights from Toronto to New Delhi can be easily searched and booked on various trusted online flight comparison portals and airlines’ official websites. You can also reach out to us if you do not want to be indulged in a time-consuming and exhaustive flight search process. 

Vancouver to Delhi Direct Flight

If you are searching for a Vancouver to Delhi Direct flight, Vancouver International Airport, Richmond, BC is the airport you can find your direct flight. Again, Air India and Air Canada are the airlines you should prefer because these are the only airlines that operate their direct flights between Vancouver International Airport, Richmond, BC, and Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. 

Professionals at Flyus Travels can assist you with searching for a Vancouver to Delhi Direct flight. Feel free to contact us anytime you make a spontaneous or forced trip to India from Canada. 

Air Canada Tickets to India

As aforementioned, Air Canada has the most direct and connecting flights operating from Canada to India, flying with them between the Canada and India route would certainly be a pleasant and satisfying experience. Commuters looking for Air Canada tickets to India or an Air Canada trip between these two countries can find the most affordable flight options on the airline’s official web portal. The flight search and booking procedure could be a little complicated, exhausting, and time-consuming. Commuters who do not want to be indulged in this kind of bothering procedure should speak to our dedicated professionals. They will take over your headache and burden of booking Air Canada tickets to India and provide you with a confirmed ticket within a few minutes. 

Emirates Canada to India Flights 

Except for Air Canada and Air India, Emirates is another airline that provides a number of flight operations between Canada and India routes. However, they do not provide any direct flights to this route. All of their Emirates Canada to India flights have at least one connection which is Dubai. Travelers who have no issue with connective flights can prefer Emirates flights. You will certainly have a splendid travel experience with them. 

Most EmiratesCanada to India flights depart from Toronto Pearson International Airport and arrive at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. They also operate some of their Canada to India flights from other international airports in Canada, including Vancouver. 

Commuters willing to fly with Emirates from Canada to India can find a perfect flight option on the airline’s official websites. It is super easy to search Emirates Canada to India flights using the airline’s own flight search and booking web portal. All you need to make sure is to provide your travel and personal details correctly wherever required. As soon as you make your payment and confirm the flight booking, you will receive a confirmation email with all your booking details clearly mentioned on it. 

Etihad Airways Canada to India 

A United Arab Emirates airline, Etihad Airways is one of the few youngest airlines that overtaken several reputed airline brands within a very short time span. It is counted among the world’s prominent airlines. They also provide their multiple air operations between Canada and India route but there are no Etihad Airways Canada to India flights that fly direct to the arrival destination. Most Etihad Airways’ flights flying from Canada to India have at least one or two stoppages. The land at Abu Dhabi Airport and Heathrow Airport before arriving at their destination in India. 

Commuters making an Etihad Airways Canada to India trip plan can find the most affordable flight options by our professionals. Feel free to speak to us anytime, we will 100% provide you with the best and most satisfying assistance. 


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