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Direct flights to Poland from USA

Direct Flights to Poland from USA – There is a different charm in exploring offbeat and less-visited places. It is something only true travel lovers do, which makes their experiences much better than everyone else. Also, it will increase your chances to see life other than your own. It is an essential thing for the development of a person. It helps an individual get out of their shell and explore things that they have not seen before. You can travel to your country all you want, but the lifestyle and the culture would be pretty much similar. If you wish to see something else than that, an international trip is your answer. It will give you an opportunity to experience a new life away from your own. It is the very thing one needs when they are bored or frustrated with their routines. You would find an escape, that too a beautiful one in traveling. That is why you need to pick up your bags and book those direct flights to Poland from USA now.

Why Poland, if this is your question, keep reading. Poland is a vast land full of new opportunities and adventures for you to take up. It allows one to travel beyond the famous European countries and see a relatively less visited one. That is precisely why you need to plan a visit there. It is a perfect destination to skip those hundreds of tourists altogether in just one spot. That won’t help you relax anyway. If you actually wish to relax and explore a country, visit Poland. It will give you excellent sights and a history lesson together. You can plan your trip here easily and fit in all the major activities. There are several castles, or pick a day at the beach. If the beach isn’t your preference, go skiing!

You can easily find adventure here that fulfills your mood or just a scenic spot where you can relax and take off all the worry. Poland has an important place in the world’s history, and you need to plan a trip here. You would see traces and memorials of the post here and experience everything the happened during that time.

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You can opt for any of the several easy ways to book your flights to Poland. It will help you to plan the trip easily without worrying about the bookings. Also, you can just do it right now.

You can book the tickets through a comparison application. They show all the available flights and their costs. You can put up the filters to change the dates, time, or type of flight. It is an easy and quick option to book when you are in a hurry. Also, these apps would charge you a fee for their service. It can lead to an extra overall cost for the ticket.

Another method is to use a website. If you are lazy and won’t download the app onto your phone, a website would be an efficient choice. You can just log in to it and search for the options. It would also display all the available ones, and you are free to select any according to your budget and preferences. They would also offer you many tips to find Cheap Flights from USA to Poland and plan your budget trip.
You can visit the airline’s website and use it to find a ticket. It should be your choice if you want to travel only on a certain airline. You can also use the miles points if you have any to bring down the total cost. However, you would have only one or two options there. Using this will be efficient if you have many points to redeem that would decrease the expenses.

Another way is to make the bookings through an agent. They would charge a per person or a fixed fee depending on the group. It can bring up the cost but would take off the worry from your shoulders. Also, you can use them to plan a group trip easily.

The last thing you can do is to book the tickets when you arrive at the airport physically. It is a risky option as the availability isn’t sure. You may end up waiting at the airport for several hours if your flight is late. Only take up this one if you have no other option or choice left.

These are all the possible options you can use to book the tickets. Choose one according to the availability and convenience.


If you are wondering that there would not be many activities in Poland. You are wrong. There are hundreds of things you can take up which suit your preference. Be it a beach day or any adventure sport; it is all there. The best reason to visit it is that many people might skip it on their tour. It will help you find Cheap Flights from USA to Poland and have a vacation you would not forget.

Poland can offer 14 heritage sites to you all in one country. From architectural marvels to historical sites, all of them are spectacular to look at and visit. You should plan a day for each of these spots when on vacation. It will allow a chance to see the reason why all these spots are on this list.

Poland should be your choice being a budget traveler. You can easily maintain a budget in Poland as it is relatively affordable than the other countries. You would still need to devote some tie to find cheap staying options. Also, you can save up the food by trying out the local restaurants or cooking yourself for some days.

The cities are a mix of many things. You would find developed, metropolitan ones and even some with traces of the past. It should be a treat to spend the days in all different kinds of these locations. You can easily spend at least three days in the ones you like. The cheap costs would help you plan a long vacation.

Poland had a big part in the second world war. You would find memorials and places where many horrible things happened. You can visit them if you want to explore the history further. Being at those places would make you realize everything that went on during the time.

You can spend the day at its sandy beaches. Just lay down and have some drinks while you relax. It can be a perfect choice if you want to get away from your own life and see a new country.

Poland has marvelous mountain views too. You can do a trek there or just see the sights. It is all up to your preference and mood at the moment. It will give a chance to explore the natural side of the country too.

You would surely enjoy the pleasant nature of the people in Poland. They are welcoming, and you can easily make some local friends here. It will help you spend some days and see how they live their lives.
If you want to party and enjoy the nights, Poland offers that too. The central cities have different nightclubs and bars that can provide you with a chance to meet new and interesting people every day.
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Frequently Asked Question

  • Yes, US visitors visiting Poland needs to present a negative Antigen (quick-test) test report or a RT-PCR(NAAT) test report taken 48 hours before departing to Poland.
  • The main Covid-19 restrictions in Poland includes compulsory wearing of masks in enclosed environment and while using the public transportation. Together with bars and restaurant open with restrictions.
  • Yes, vaccinated US citizens are allowed to visit Poland but they need to present a Covid-19 negative reports to the authorities before entering inside the country.
  • Yes, you can take direct flights to Poland from US, but all you need is to present a negative Antigen or RT-PCR test report taken 48 hours before departing to the country. Entry to Poland is guarded by its border guards and its citizens, EFTA and EU are allowed to enter the country. Other people eligible to enter Poland are foreign nationals married to Polish citizens, diplomats, foreigners holding Pole’s cards, and foreigners with the right of temporary or permanent residence. If you are individual working in Poland or a student studying in a Polish school or university then you are also welcomed inside the country.
  • Yes, United nations citizens have to go under a 10-day quarantine after landing on Poland otherwise they aren’t allowed to enter inside the country.
  • Different air carriers are following different cancelation policies during the Covid-19 pandemic. Airlines that is acing the game by providing the flexible cancelation services to its customers is LOT. Flyustravels allows you to filter and sort airlines offering cancelation flexibility during Covid-19.
  • A nonstop flight to Poland from USA takes around 13hrs and 55minutes to cover the distance between Poland and the USA. The distance between Poland and USA is exactly 4836miles. And if you take the most popular route Newark-Warsaw to reach Poland then you will reach the Polish country within a time span of 8 hours and 10 minutes approximately.
  • The cheapest flight between Poland and USA on Flyustravels in the last 72-hours costed $10 one-way. While the round-trip direct flights to Poland from USA costed around $355. The cheapest round-trip ticket on most popular route to Fly to Poland from USA, Newark-Warsaw, in the last 72-hours costed $398.
  • LOT is the customers favorite and the best airline to fly to Poland from USA. Also, LOT runs the most frequent flight services between these two countries.
  • Based on Flyustravel searches, the most popular destinations in Poland includes the Polish capital Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Katowice, Gdansk, and Rzeszow. Where Warsaw tops the list with the most searches followed by Krakow and Wroclaw at second and third places.
  • Poland has the same travel rules as the largest part of Europe and thus, US citizens doesn’t need a visa to travel to Poland. But the trip duration should be smaller then 90 days out of the total of 180 days. This 90-day limit not only applies in Poland but it is the same in the whole Schengen zone. But from 2021, US citizens would require to apply for an ETIAS e-visa before traveling to Poland or any other part of the Schengen zone.
  • Only three airports among all of the Polish airports receives nonstop flights from USA to Poland. Nonstop flights to Poland from US are available to Krakow, Rzeszow, and Warsaw. These flights are available from the US major international airports such as Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine is among the most popular Polish tourist attractions. Always filled with local and international tourists this salt mine is deeply connected with the rich Polish history. To conveniently visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland you must take direct flights to Poland from USA that lands on Krakow airport. After landing at the well-maintained Krakow airport you can either take a train or book a cab to Wieliczka from Krakow.
  • One among the most popular tourist destinations in Poland, Tatra Mountains can be visited conveniently from Slovakia. Fly into the PopradTatry Airport, Poprad in the neighborhood of Slovakia. Take a train ride or book a cab for a few miles from here to reach Tatra Mountains area and Krakow.
  • Flyustravels flight prices forecast tool uses historical data to determine the lowest prices for direct flights to Poland from US. So, the travelers can enjoy the lowest prices possible on flight bookings.