Student checklist: Things you need to start studying in Canada

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Canada attracts students worldwide due to its many attractive features, including its excellent educational system, welcoming culture, and abundance of stunning natural landscapes. Over 450,000 overseas students will be enrolled at Canadian institutions in 2021. Studying in Canada is often the first step toward a lifetime of residency for international students. Whether you are just … Read more

Nonstop Flights to India From Canada- Updated List 2024

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Traveling from Canada to India or India to Canada has been easy and smooth for many decades. But, nowadays, it has got even easier. Travelers seeking basic economy-class flights, premium economy-class flights, business-class flights, first-class flights, connecting flights, or nonstop flights to India from Canada can easily find one. Thanks to the great bilateral relationship both these … Read more

Which airlines operate flights to India from Canada?

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Are you trying to find cheap flights from India to Canada? Choosing the correct gateway may be challenging, and they understand that. They also recognize the requirement for an online travel agency (OTA) to book affordable international Flights to India from Canada. Flyustravels, an IATA-accredited firm, is the one-stop-shop from where you can book your … Read more

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