Which airlines operate flights to India from Canada?

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The number of Canadians travelling to India is rising steadily. Both countries have a large ex-pat population and are popular tourist attractions.

It’s a common one. Hundreds of airlines fly between the two nations, but just a few stand out.

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  • Deals on One-Way Flights

In most cases, round-trip tickets are far more affordable than one-way tickets. For this reason, they have compiled a list of the Top One-Way Flight Deals, which offer substantial savings on one-way direct flights from India to Canada. With Flyustravels, you may choose your travel schedule and save on airfare from India to Canada.

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Flights to Canada are less expensive when booked in advance

  • From India, Wednesday and Thursday are the most affordable days for a flight to Canada, and the weekends are the worst time to schedule international flights to Canada.
  • Currently, midnight is the cheapest time to fly from India to Canada. Avoid reserving late at night later in the week when making a reservation.
  • Book at least two weeks before your trip from India to Canada to secure a lower-than-average fare.

Canada to India Round-Trip Flights

You may buy inexpensive direct flights to Canada from India with Flyus travel, which is better than purchasing international tickets. To save the most money, travellers should book many round-trip flights inside Canada rather than just one. The ideal option is to buy round-trip or inexpensive Canada to India flights once you know the exact dates of your return. After a break of more than five months, canada ban flights from india as of Monday.

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Why Travel in Business Class to India with Air Canada?

From the United States, Air Canada is one of the most significant business class airlines that offers affordable flights to India from the continent. Air Canada provides low-cost business class flights from major U.S. airports to popular Indian destinations. Air Canada’s business class cabins include world-class full-flat chairs and other top-notch travel facilities. On Air Canada, passengers may enjoy a variety of tasty meals and on-demand entertainment in the privacy of their seats. Flights from the United States to India in business class.

The complimentary amenity kits and foreign periodicals in the business travel cabins of Air Canada? are a nice touch. Issued by: Flyus travel currently, Air Canada has the most affordable business class tickets for flights to India from the US. The Canadian government has decided to maintain India flight ban canada on all commercial and private passenger flights in India.

Flyustravels Offers the Best Prices for Business Class Air Canada Tickets

For flights from the United States to India, look no further than Air Canada. IndianEagle has inexpensive Air Canada business class tickets for travel to and from Kochi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Goa, Trivendrum, and other Indian cities.

 Air Canada’s low-cost business class tickets from the United States to India are in high demand since they are a reputable international travel broker. Even during high-traffic periods and tourist seasons, IndianEagle offers low-cost business class flights with Air Canada. Last-minute business class flights from Canada to India are also available at the lowest prices.

Switzerland’s National Airline

The flag carrier of Switzerland is SWA, the Swiss International Air Lines AG. The airports of Mumbai and Delhi, both in India, are served by the airline.

The most well-known route connects Toronto with Mumbai or Delhi via Zurich, the Swiss International Air Lines (SIAL) international hub. This route has daily flights to and from each destination.

  • One of the most popular options is to book a Cheap return flight to Toronto on Swiss Airlines.
  • This airline’s schedule has 14 weekly flights between Mumbai, Delhi, and Zurich.


KLM is the national airline of the Netherlands and the world’s oldest airline. There is a centralized office for this airline in Amsterdam Airport.

There are three airports in India where you can purchase Indian airline tickets: Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.

It used to fly to Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Jodhpur in India before focusing solely on Delhi. Despite this, the same routes are no longer operational.

Flights to Delhi are available from the Canadian cities of Toronto to India flights, Montreal, and Calgary. While there are no direct flights from Ottawa to Bangalore or Mumbai, there are direct flights from Montreal to Bangalore.


German flag carrier Lufthansa is another well-known provider of high-quality service to India and Canada.

Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai are just a few of the Indian cities you may see while you’re there.

  • It is possible to fly nonstop to India’s four major cities from Frankfurt daily.
  • Additionally, daily flights link Delhi to Munich, Germany.

Indian airlines like Vistara have also signed interline agreements with the airline. Lufthansa is an excellent option if you’re looking for affordable flights from India to Canada.

Flights to India from Canada
Flights to India from Canada

Canada’s national airline, Air Canada

Canadian airline Air Canada serves more than 200 destinations. It flies to Vancouver to Delhi Direct Flight, two of India’s major gateway cities.

Should consider the luggage regulations of Air Canada before flying with the airline. Air India, the national airline of India, and Air Canada have a codeshare arrangement.

In addition, you may book flights to Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore in India using this site.

Flights from Canada to India are inexpensive thanks to this airline, as are the opposite-direction flights. There will soon be up to 18 flights per week from Air Canada to Delhi and Mumbai.

India’s national airline, Air India

The flag airline of India is Air India. SpiceJet is one of the most well-known Indian airlines flying from Canada to India. Flights from Toronto to New Delhi through direct flights.

You may travel between the two locations on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

To get the best deals on flights, you can follow the airline’s concessions and discounts on their website.

The Jet Airways

India’s largest commercial passenger airline, Jet Airways, is based in Delhi. Jet Airways offers cheap flights from India to Canada and the other way around.

Mumbai serves as the airline’s primary hub. Secondary hubs for Jet Airways include Bangalore and Delhi. Airline passengers can choose between First, Premiere, and Economy Class services.


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