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Aer Lingus Airline

Aer Lingus airline: Excellent Service at an Affordable Price. The airline that represents Ireland and serves as the country's "flag carrier" or "national airline" is called Aer Lingus. Aer Lingus is the oldest and the second biggest airline carrier in Ireland. It primarily operates a fleet of Airbus aircraft and provides service to the areas of Europe, North America, North Africa, and Turkey. Dublin, which is located in Ireland, serves as the primary headquarters for Aer Lingus.
Before the company's equities were listed on the stock exchanges in London and Dublin in 2006, the majority of Aer Lingus' ownership belonged to the Irish government, which accounted for 85% of the company's total ownership. However, since Ryanair became the largest and most affordable Irish airline company, the state's stake in Aer Lingus airline was reduced to 25% from its previous 39%. Aer Lingus Ltd, Aer Lingus (Ireland) Ltd, Aer Lingus Beachey Ltd, and Dirnan Insurance Company Ltd are all part of the Aer Lingus Group.
The business generates around 1,425 million euros yearly and has approximately 3,615 workers.


Aer Lingus was established on April 15th, 1936, and it was first known as Irish Sea Airways. Its predecessor, Blackpool and West Coast Air Services, was the airline it initially competed with. Soon after, on May 22nd of that year, Aer Lingus was formally registered as a distinct airline organization. On May 27th of that same year, it launched its inaugural operation, which included hauling a six-seater biplane from Dublin to Bristol. Ireland's air fleet, Aer Lingus airline, is derived from the Irish phrase Aer Lounges.


As of now, Aer Lingus' fleet is made up of Airbus carriers. Aer Lingus operates 77 distinct destinations spread around the globe and has a fleet of 47 different air carriers to serve its customers. In addition, Aer Lingus operates three Boeing 757 aircraft as part of a wet-lease deal with Air Contractors. These aircraft are used for passenger and cargo transport.
Aer Lingus airline has operated a fleet of air carriers that have included Boeings, Lockheed Constellations, Airspeed Consuls, and Aviation Traders throughout the many years that it has been in operation and provided service Carvairs, Fokkers, Shorts, Vickers, and de Havillands. This history of the fleet dates back to when the company first began.


Since it first began doing business, Aer Lingus has been a prosperous and well-known airline carrier with a great deal of success. The following is a list of some of the honours and distinctions that have been bestowed to Aer Lingus throughout its history:
- The Irish Travel Industry named Aer Lingus its Best Airline in Europe and North America for 2015.
- From 2010 to 2013, Aer Lingus airline received the Best Airline to Europe Award four times.

Destinations and Routes

Aer Lingus served eight destinations spanning Europe, North America, North Africa, and Turkey as of 2013. At least 50 airports are in Europe, with the remainder divided between the United Kingdom and Ireland. Aer Lingus flies to 80 airports across the United States, Europe, Northern Africa, and Turkey. In addition to JetBlue, Etihad, and United Airlines, the airline has interline agreements with several other foreign airlines.

Check-in Procedures

Customers of Aer Lingus airline may choose from a variety of check-in options. These are a few examples: Users may do a check-in over the web or by going directly to the airport and doing it in person. In addition, users may check-in using a mobile application before a flight. This is referred to as "mobile check-in."
Traveller's Load and Per Diem
Regarding baggage and restrictions, travelers are permitted to bring along one bag weighing up to 23 kilograms without incurring any fees. The bag's total length, width, and depth should not be more than 158 centimetres; this is the maximum size allowed for checked luggage. Baggage that weighs more than the allowed amount or contains additional items will be charged an additional cost. For example, if you have more than 32 kg of extra luggage, you will be charged $100 per bag for each trip.


Seat selection choices offered by Aer Lingus include ordinary seats, seats closer to the exits, and priority economy boarding seats, all of which are desirable. However, passengers must pick up their seats at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time. Standard seats do not have extra costs, although priority boarding and seats nearer the exit do. The standard width of a chair is 17 inches, but its height may range between 31 and 32 inches, depending on the kind of aircraft.

Fees for Making a Reservation

Aer Lingus airline service is accompanied by change and cancellation costs. Customers may make reservations on the official website and in the reservation offices and airports. When ordering low-cost fares, the booking charge for each flight and each person may be anywhere from $60 to $210, depending on the booking date, the itinerary, or the route. You may also make changes to your reservation or add on other amenities at extra costs.
What differentiates Aer Lingus?
Dublin Airport is the only European airport with US preclearance. As a result, passengers from Ireland to the US may undergo immigration and customs inspections before departure. Aer Lingus and its partners provide a seamless connection to popular routes with courteous employees and high-quality service. Aer Lingus Airlines is the only 4-Star Irish and US airline. Frequent travellers may join AerClub for discounted rates and incentives.
Is COVID-19 (coronavirus) now affecting Aer Lingus flights?
Depending on the destination's entrance restrictions, this may impact specific Aer Lingus airlines. Aer Lingus' live COVID-19 travel map shows the most up-to-date criteria if you consider flying with them.
Where does Aer Lingus travel to?
Aer Lingus has direct flights to 93 locations across the world, some of which include Dublin, London Heathrow, and Shannon.
When is the best time of year to book flights with Aer Lingus?
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