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Return and Refund Policy

FlyUSTravels provides information about flight bookings, hotel packages and car rental services near the airports. Our expert booking teams aim to provide you with the most comfortable and the most affordable flight bookings. We have connections with all the famous airline companies that offer cheap domestic and international flights.

Conditions for using our website

We have some conditions for using our website, they are

  • The user should be at least 18 years old.
  • You should have legal rights to make legal obligations.
  • You should have legal rights to make bookings for yourself and for other persons on their behalf.
  • You agrees to all our Terms and Conditions.
  • You have conveyed our flight booking conditions to other persons also, who will be traveling with you.
  • You guarantee to provide completely accurate information on our website.
  • You promise to keep your booking account information confidential.
  • You are responsible for any third party use of your booking account information.
A strict No to the following activities

FlyUSTravels strictly prohibits the following activities

  • Never make fake or fraud flight bookings.
  • Do not use any robotic or automatic device while going through the content of the website.
  • You are not supposed to misguide others by spreading wrong information about our services.
  • Do not access the websites information in such a way that it slows down the functioning.
  • Never infect the website with malicious software or virus intentionally.

In case of any prohibited activity or violation of our rules, we can disrupt you from using our website at any time.

Our right to cancel your bookings

We expect complete accuracy of the information provided by you. In case of any fake documents or wrong information found during the booking or ticketing procedure, we have full rights to cancel your bookings.

We don’t even promise any refunds for such cancellations. This is the reason that we suggest you to provide only the genuine and accurate information during the booking procedures.

Flight cancellations by Airlines or schedule changes

Third party suppliers like airline companies, hotel owners and car rental owners have their own terms and conditions. We are not responsible for the changes that they make in their offered prices or schedules.

Airline companies can change the flight schedules i.e. their departure time and date because of bad weather or any other emergency situation. We do not hold any responsibility in such cases. We suggest you to keep checking the airline updates from time to time before your planned departure date.

But yes, we will inform you about the changed schedule and the new departure details as soon as we get to know about them. We make phone calls and also send email alerts in case of flight schedule changes that happen on the same day of the departure.

Conditions for acceptance of refund requests

We have the following conditions on cancellation and refund requests

  • These requests will be accepted on phone calls only.
  • Although our services are non refundable, you may get refund on some special kinds of flight booking if the request for refund is made within 24 hours of the booking.
  • Your chosen package or flight bookings should come under the refundable deals.

You need to wait for the cancellation and refund proceedings after requesting for the same. We cannot be sure about the time of processing for your request. But we can promise to take the minimum possible time.

The entire refund-request processing takes place in the following steps
Email notifications

Once you have requested for a refund, our customer care executives will start the proceedings. You will be officially notified about your request through an email. This email won’t give any guarantee for your refund. This will just be an official acceptance of the request. Moreover, you would receive an official tracking number for your request through this email.

Conversing with the suppliers

After emailing you, our teams start conversing with the suppliers. These suppliers include airline companies, car rental centres, hotels, airport lounges and other dealers. All these suppliers have their own conditions for refund claims. In case your requests satisfy their conditions, they will agree to them. Afterwards, we will notify you about their decisions.

Non-refundable service charges- We don’t refund the service charges applied during the reservation or flight bookings.

Patience matters

Once the suppliers accept your refund requests, they might take some time to make the transactions. So you need to be patient during that time. Moreover, they might charge you for a refund penalty also.

Once the suppliers accept your refund requests, they might take some time to make the transactions. So you need to be patient during that time. Moreover, they might charge you for a refund penalty also.Estimated time for the money transfer- You might receive your refund amount within 3-6 weeks of placing the request.

Charges for processing refund requests

We charge some extra fees for processing refund requests. After the fees payment, the refund requests are processed forward to the suppliers. In case the suppliers agree to make the refund transactions, then you will be charged. But if the suppliers deny to your refund requests, your refund processing fees will be returned. Please note that we will return the refund processing fees but not the service fees charged for the original reservation or ticket booking.

Confidentiality Policy

We suggest you to maintain full confidentially about your e-ticket details and the booking account information. Sharing your ticket details with any third party may result in any misuse and other illegal practices. In such situations, FlyUSTravels won’t be responsible for any loss. The account holder and the third party making the misuse would be held completely responsible for the losses.

Even if the third party uses your e-ticket details and requests for cancellation, we won’t be responsible for your losses. We also don’t guarantee any refunds for such cancellations.