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We mention to our all customers to peruse all the terms and conditions before getting reservation through FlyUSTravels to avoid any misunderstanding in the future. When you make use of or make any reservation on our portal, you are supposed to accept all these contractual clauses. All the detail on prices and travel arrangements on this website are issued and organized by Flyustravel. The entire passenger for multinational travel must have a valid identity (passport and visas) Flyustravel has taken all safeguarding to verify and validate all the details on our website at the point of collection. However, it accepts no accountability for any blunder and misunderstanding incorporated in the publications because of particulars defines by the related tour/cruise promoter. Flyustravel does not take authority for any fluctuation in the quotation and alter of assistance as an exhibit, and all the quotations and intervention can be modified without any prior notifications. It is mandatory that you must verify with your tour manager or us for any fluctuation or variation in the cost shown on our portal. This will help you that you are conscious of any modification before you reserve a holiday or before your departure. We do not take authority for any mishappening, loss, delay, the damage that occurred due to some other reasons which are away from our control. We have full authority to reject and accept any reservation without giving any valid reasons. Payment made through Merchant account will cost a Terminal trader fee of 3.70%, and through credit card will cost a Card trader fee of 3.70%.

After providing your credit card details and undertaking our terms and conditions, you provide jurisdiction to Flyustravel to issue funds from your valid credit card.


When you finalize your reservation, you will be supposed to deposit a partial fee, which will vary in accordance with the particular holiday package selected by you. It is informed while booking. It is also

important to accumulate remittance at the time of reservation because of other expenses like flight tickets, transfers, etc. In case partial payment is not made before the payable date, then we will ask

you for the full fee for your packages. A written agreement is issued for your booking by us. If a reservation is not accepted, then money will be reimbursed immediately.


We accept partial payment before the reservation, which can indemnify, and the pending balance has to be paid before the due date written on your engagement agreement, which varies according to your holiday.

If somehow you do not pay us the pending fee (amount) within the given period, we may issue a cancelation request for your holiday for which you are liable to pay cancelation charges to us.


Before you confirm your reservation, a verbal quotation related to your holiday packages prices, requirements, and travel dates is issued by us.

We have all the authority to send you a notification regarding the addition or alteration in given prices. If your booking is finalized from our side, the price will stay unchanged and will not include any additional charges in it.

Prices on our website are subject to rates of currency exchange.

With the change in the time, we offer various discounts and exceptional offers on the prices of different packages.

If there is a change in expenses due to exchange rate variation, price increments, tax rate change, or any other valid reason, then you are liable to pay the change of cost if informed by us.

Charges for Late booking:

If a late booking made within 72 hours before the tour or departure a 50$ a late fee has to be clear depending on the load of administrative work to be completed in a short period


If a cancelation of holiday or travel is done by any tourist or unable to pay the full amount of the holiday within the given period, the backpacker will be held answerable to pay cancelation charges.

Declaration related to cancelation of the tour must be sent to our office via email, phone, text, etc. Cancelation charges will be considered after receiving the notification.


We do our best to satisfy you that holiday arrangements we undertook to offer you, as written in the undertaking, are engaged with great supervision and care. The laws, rules, and regulations of that country,

The facilities of which you have selected in holiday packages and not of any other, or your country and any complaints and claim will be sorted based on the rules of that country.

Delay in aviation:

Due to unfavorable weather state, there may be a delay in travel by airfare. Additional costs may occur for this and this not our responsibility for the delay. It is your responsibility. All the information regarding this will be assisted by airlines to you.

Cruise Delay or cancellation:

You have to pay Cancellation charges if you cancel cruise booking, a cancellation amount varies on full deposited fees and partially deposited fees. Amount of cancellation charges depend on terms and condition of the particular cruise line selected for travel.


Any unusual incidents like injuries, theft, the issue in services, etc. must be communicated to Flyustravel during the time of issue occurred so that we can solve the problem and provide you accurate guidance.


If you do booking with us it important conditions in our agreement of booking that you and all other traveling members must acquire tour insurance covering all the holidays and give assurance of your health medically. The expenses for medical treatment,

if need overseas is high, and we are not able to assist in these costs. All the details of your indemnity should be submitted to us four weeks before traveling.

Protected information:

All the information provided by you to us like name, address, passport, email address, mobile number, etc. will be secured with us and will be used only for the purpose you provided us. We will take care of your info, ensuring that adequate security measures will be followed to protect the information. We will not pass the detail to any other person except relevant suppliers like airlines, hotels, transport companies, etc. for your tour arrangements.


All the refund requests must be issued in writing to us through an agent by whom travel arrangements we have done. All the requests must be issued within ten days of the accomplishments of trip arrangements. No compensation will be made for cancelation

caused due to unfavorable weather or medical conditions. This will be compensated for your travel insurance. A 50$ refunding fees per person has to be paid.

Based on your use of the Web or making travel reservations or bookings, nothing in these Terms & Conditions shall be considered or construed as forming a joint venture, alliance, independent contractor, or employment arrangement between us or any of the parties hereto.

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