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Direct Flights to Chennai from USA

Spending lots of time surfing your favorite browser to find direct flights to Chennai from USA? Alright, stop moving your cursor as you have arrived at the best place to find and reserve all types of USA to Chennai flights. Whether you are on the quest for Chicago to Chennai flights, Atlanta to Chennai flights, New York to Chennai Flights, or any other flights operating from a major US city to India, you can acquire the most appropriate and affordable flight with us. Start your search now and get prepared for a pleasurable and satisfying travel experience. 

Chennai: A Culturally-Rich South Indian City 

Chennai is truly an incredible city full of cultural wonders and historical importance. This glorious capital of Tamil Nadu has come as a popular destination among its tourists for its high value, and exotic places. And when adding on the southern flora, it transcends. Temples, religious people, and unique apparels are the topmost attractions in the city. Chennai is also admired for imparting its value to the tourists that visit from different nations, and Indians likewise. People are willing to spend some beautiful moments in this fourth largest Indian city and delve into its natural ambiance that is so soothing to them. Are you one of those? Interested to enjoy and experience the pure blend of nature, culture, and religious people? Chennai would be more than happy to welcome you warmly. 

Direct flights to Chennai from USA would naturally help you gain important vibes of the city that are mixed with its culture, local aroma, and food. On your visit to this lovely city, your experience would certainly be joyful and you will be happy to share that with your friends. 

The city, long known by its former name, Madras, has come a long way from being a favorite harbor in British India and an East India Company trading outpost. It has become a favorite tourist destination among both local and international tourists for various reasons that go deep and lost in its aura of majestic ambiance. People come to this ancient place from different destinations across the world. Its cultural heritage and ethnicity are not untouched by many who visit. Tourists place this lovely city on their travel itinerary among some of the best tourist destinations that they want to visit. If you are excited to visit and explore this magnificent city, you can book direct flights to Chennai from USA with us at a reasonable price. Whether it be holidays or business meetings, we are always at your service.

Some Magnificent Places to Visit in Chennai 

Chennai is packed with temples and historical places, but there are many other vibrant and colorful places to explore that take you to modern society. Take your direct flights to Chennai from USA and do not miss exploring the following wonderful attractions in the city. 

Marina Beach 
Guindy National Park
Connemara Public Library
Royapuram Fishing Harbor
Breezy Beach
Semmozhi Poonga
Thousand Lights Mosque 
Arignar Anna Zoological Park 
VGP Golden Beach
Vivekananda House
Madras War Cemetery
Fort St. George
Ripon Building
National Art Gallery
Santhome Cathedral Basilica
Government Museum 
The Most Famous MGR Film City

Direct Flights to Chennai from USA

Several reputed international airlines take off from the USA and land in Chennai. Some of those major airline brands include Air India, Etihad, Air France, United Airlines, Vistara, Delta Air Lines, KLM, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Skywest, Indigo, Kuwait Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss, Sri Lankan Airlines, Brussels Airlines, American Airlines, Egypt Air, Ethiopian, British Airways, Iberia, JetBlue, Gulf Air, Singapore Airlines, Aer Lingus, Austrian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, etc. Most of these airlines operate: 

Chicago to Chennai flights

Chicago to Chennai flights is a convenient way to enter India and the capital city of Tamilnadu. You can readily find multiple airline options for your trip to Chennai from O’Hare International Airport, Chicago (ORD). The airlines that provide their operations on Chicago to Chennai routes include all the aforementioned airlines and all the flights operated by these airlines are direct and connecting flights. There are no nonstop Chicago to Chennai flights. If you are looking for nonstop flights, you must compromise with your travel destination or outbound airport. 

The flying distance between Chicago and Chennai is 8,557 miles. However, this may vary depending on your route. Because most Chicago to Chennai flights first land in New Delhi, rest during their long layover time, and then arrive in Chennai, it may take 30 hours or more to drop you off at Chennai International airport (MAA). The better way to shorten and fasten your air trip is to catch another flight after arriving in New Delhi instead of resting at the hotel and waiting for the layover time to be finished. 

Boston to Chennai Flights 

The city of Boston is a popular US metropolis that lies in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you are seeking Boston to Chennai Flights, you have no dearth of options. Several airlines, including the ones that we have mentioned earlier and the ones like Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, and Korean Air, fly on Boston to Chennai routes. Take your search to our flight search tool to find all the available and best options you have on Boston to Chennai air routes. One important thing to note is that there is no nonstop Boston to Chennai Flights. So, you must go with direct and connecting flights. 

Seattle to Chennai Flights

Seattle is the central attraction in the state of Washington. It is full of wonderful scenic landscapes and is a major hub of many IT and e-commerce giants, such as Amazon and Microsoft. The city features one of the major US international airports. People planning to take off with Seattle to Chennai flights have multiple airline and flight options. Eva Air, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Asiana, Air Canada, Turkish Airlines, and ANA along with the airline brands that we have already put together earlier are some of the big airline names that can take you from Seattle and drop you off in the cultural hub of Southern India- Chennai. Let’s take your quest for Seattle to Chennai flights to our innovative and extremely productive flight search and flight reservation tool. 

Book SFO to Chennai Flights

San Francisco, a city in the state of California featuring a luxurious lifestyle and a number of amazing attractions, is a very popular city among both local and international tourists. If you have any upcoming plans to leave for Chennai from San Francisco, find SFO to Chennai Flights with us. Our booking managers are always up to assist you with a perfect solution to your travel needs. Airlines that operate on San Francisco to Chennai air routes include KLM, Indigo, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Vistara, Air India, JetBlue, Etihad, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, Lufthansa, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Eva Air, and many more. You find your favorite airline’s SFO to Chennai Flights with the seamless assistance of our airline ticket booking specialists. 

New York JFK to Chennai Flights

John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York is one of the top 5 US international airports. It experiences very high traffic every day. If you are digging for New York JFK to Chennai Flights, one thing is sure there will be no lack of quality and affordable flight options for you. It is easy to find and book a flight that flies from San Francisco International Airport to Chennai. And if you make up your mind to take professional assistance from our booking managers or use our innovative flight search and booking tool, making your New York JFK to Chennai Flights booked will be even easier and faster. 

Washington to Chennai Flights

A majority of flights taking off from Washington are connecting flights. It is super easy to find Washington to Chennai Flights that are connecting flights but finding direct and nonstop flights from Washington international airport is a little tough. Talk to our dedicated airline ticket booking managers and ask if there are any direct or nonstop flights available from the Washington airport you are most likely to catch your flight. They will 100 percent provide their specialized assistance to you in finding the most appropriate and affordable Washington to Chennai Flights for you. 

Why Pick Direct Flights to Chennai from USA?

One thing is certain; the City of Chennai which lies in the South Indian state of Tamilnadu has a lot more to mesmerize its visitors than it can be talked of. The tranquil peace and the rich, warm and perfect blend of historical culture and modern lookouts give your visit a pleasant experience that you can’t forget for ages. Chennai is complete with its hospitable people, who never shy away from showing you the enjoyments in this city. Direct flights to Chennai from USA can give you a guaranteed unforgettable touring experience of a lifetime.

This metropolis city so beautifully resonates with the rich liveliness of Southern India that you can catch the glimpse of local art, culture, and traditions. Additionally, Chennai being a major metropolis in India offers a cosmopolitan mix that comforts the visitors with premium hotels, restaurants, and cafes that never slow down giving you tasty food blended with the regional spices of Southern India. With the direct and nonstop flights to Chennai, you can save your pockets from extra dripping and can have an affordable journey ahead to the city that is so well known for its food, eastern traditions, and spirituality.

All the flights to Chennai from the USA land at MMA airport which is one of the busiest and biggest airports in the country. From Chennai international flights at MMA, you would get a plethora of places to further delve into the magic of this city. To get into the magic of the city, simply get your Direct flights to Chennai from USA booked now. You can reach out to our booking managers for the same. 

Some Exciting Things to Do in Chennai

On your trip from the USA to Chennai, you will have options of things to do in this capital city of Tamilnadu. Walk around Thalankuppam pier, Elliot’s beach, and Marine Beach to experience the thrill and adventure of the ocean. To get deep and lost in the historical value of the city, visit and wander around various destinations of heritage like the Fort museum and the National Art Gallery. Apart from this, if you love tasting the different flavors, the spicy and chilly Chenani food is awaiting you. Relish the delectable meals, drinks, and street foods at the finest restaurants and hotels. 

Adeeshwar, Parthasarathy, and other sacred temples are must-visit places. Know about the regional spirituality and meet religious people by visiting the famous temples of Chennai. Its tranquil ambiance never fades from the memory. Tourists often choose to go fishing at barracuda bay, followed by relishing the local foods, including the seaside foods of Chennai.

You can book cheap flights to Chennai to engage in its visit to Guindy national park, and the crocodile bank. After being done from temples, which would take you in, you would not cease to come out without being colored in red. With nonstop flights you can take the experiences of this ancient city home, and without a major stake in your pockets.

Cheap Flights to South India from USA

International flights to Chennai from USA drift into the Chennai international airport (MAA), which is often considered the busiest of the airports in the country. The two terminals of this MMA airport make the journey of its flyers comfortable, with its supportive currency exchange shops, duty-free rooms, and conference rooms that buy a little time from its flyers and give them a pleasant journey in return. Chennai cheap flights can be booked from multiple destinations in the USA, such as Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Washington, Seattle, Boston, etc. So hurry up without thinking much. You can reserve your cheap New York to Chennai, Washington to Chennai, Boston to Chennai, San Francisco to Chennai, and Chicago to Chennai flights at very affordable prices with Flyus Travels. Get in touch with us right now to take the maximum benefits of the ongoing deals and attractive offers. 

After Arriving at Your Destination From Direct Flights to Chennai from USA

Once you complete your direct flights to Chennai from USA, there are multiple options to secure your journey. It’s often recommended to take the local transport to get the most out of your visit, but be careful. Car rentals, taxis, buses, and trains are always at your service once you come out of the USA on an MMA flight.

Numerous reputed international airlines fly from the United States of America to Chennai including Air France, KLM, IndiGO, Delta Air Lines, Vistara, Air India, Qatar Airways, Etihad, Sri Lankan Airlines, American Airlines, Swiss, Lufthansa, Gulf Air, JetBlue, LOT Polish Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Oman Air, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, etc. Only a few of these airlines have direct flights to Chennai from USA. Air India, Lufthansa, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Etihad are some of those. The rest of the airlines do not operate many direct flights to Chennai. 

Travelers willing to visit Chennai or any other part of South India should reserve their flights with these airlines without any hesitation. Be assured about the quality of the service and a satisfying travel experience because all of these airlines have set higher standards of quality for their products and services. But if you are a selective kind of person and want to pick one out of these airlines, the following are some great options for you. 

Emirates Flight to Chennai

Who doesn’t love flying with Emirates? Since Emirates has one of the finest-quality airline products, travelers and tourists love to make their short-haul and long-haul trips with Emirates. You should also join those people and make your air trips with Emirates. You will certainly love flying with Emirates and probably get addicted to it very soon. 

Since Emirates is among the global aviation dominators, it doesn’t need any introduction. It is one of those international airlines that never compromise on quality and focus on upgrading and improving its aircraft’ and airline products’ features. The flight fares for an Emirates flight to Chennai or any other destination are also reasonable which is one of the most prominent attraction points for passengers. 

Emirates is among those few airlines that serve direct flights to Chennai from USA. It operates 5-8 direct flights and a total of 8-15 flights to Chennai daily from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) only. Coming to O’Hare International Airport (ORD), Emirates has a total of 5-10 flights to Chennai daily. The airline also has more than a handful of flights to Chennai from other major US international airports such as San Francisco International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, etc. You can reserve your Emirates flight to Chennai in many different ways but if you choose Flyus Travels as your flight reservation assistance, you will get unlimited rewards. You need to speak to our dedicated professionals for the same.

Qatar Airways Chennai

Headquartered in Doha, Qatar Airways is a Qatar-Based airline eminent for its extraordinary and advanced technology-based inflight products. Its “Qsuite” is what travelers are mad to experience and enjoy. Although it is a Business Class product of the airline, it is no less than a first-class cabin in terms of comfort, luxury, and premium amenities. 

Qatar Airways operates a large number of direct and connecting flights to Chennai from the US but most of their USA to Chennai flights and connecting flights. It operates 5 to 10 flights to Chennai every day from John F. Kennedy International Airport. So, travelers planning to catch their Qatar Airways Chennai flights from JFK airport can easily find an appropriate flight for them. The airline also operates a handful of flights from other major US international airports such as San Francisco International Airport, O’Hare International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Denver International Airport, etc. 

To book a Qatar Airways Chennai flight from any of the major US international airports, you have got a multitude of excellent options. However, if you choose to take our professional assistance for making your airline reservation, you will 100 percent get lots of incredible deals and discounts on your tickets. Reach out to our staff via our helpline numbers mentioned at the top of this layout. 

United Airlines to Chennai

United Airlines doesn’t need any introduction. It is a global aviation giant and is counted among the world’s top airlines. The airline is considered the true competitor of American Airlines which is also the global aviation giant. Since United Airlines is a global aviation giant, travelers usually expect to receive a luxury and memorable travel experience from them and the airline never disheartens the expectations of its passengers. From seats and cabins equipping an extensive array of luxury amenities to delectable meals and inflight entertainment, every single thing that United Airlines has to offer its passengers is exceptional. You can avail of their premium quality airline services by booking a United Airlines to Chennai Flights. 

United Airlines doesn’t operate flights to Chennai from different US international airports but you can 100 percent find a handful of flights weekly from each major international airport in the US. You may find it difficult to find a United Airlines to Chennai flight from the USA, but if you come to us, we will find and book the most appropriate flight for you in just a few minutes. Talk to our experts to know more about the available United Airlines flight options. 

Singapore Airlines Chennai

Singapore Airlines is undoubtedly the best airline in Singapore. It serves many different international destinations across the world including Asia, Europe, North America, etc. The services and onboard products offered by the airline are brilliant and have no match. On a trip with Singapore Airlines, you will surely love what you will be presented with within your luxury cabin. 

As per the current flight schedule of Singapore Airlines, it operates a minimum of 2 direct flights from JFK International Airport. There are no connecting and nonstop flights operated by the airline from JFK to MAA. On the other hand, the airline runs a handful of connecting flights daily from ORD international airport to Chennai. You may find it difficult to get lots of Singapore Airlines Chennai flight options, but if you take help from our ticketing experts, it will be easy for you. If you are looking for Singapore Airlines flights from the USA to Chennai, you can catch a cheap flight from any major US international airport. Speak to our specialists on a phone call to get more details about Singapore Airlines Chennai flights. 

Singapore Airlines USA to Chennai First Class 

Similar to many airlines, the first-class cabin is the top-tier product of Singapore Airlines. It encompasses every single amenity and facility that first-class travelers expect to receive during their first-class air trips. 

Plush Seats and Private Cabins 

First-class seats and cabins are the central attraction of any first-class cabin. If it's not of the topmost quality, everything seems useless, no matter what quality they present. Singapore Airlines understands this fact very well and that’s the biggest reason it closely focuses on the details of its first-class seats and cabins. Expect to acquire a plush seat and private cabin equipping all the luxuries such as seat reclinable feature, extra curved seat partitions for extra privacy, an amenity kit equipped with all the essentials, a wide touchscreen TV featuring multiple regional and international entertainment options, a control panel to adjust your seats, comfy armrests, a small dining table, extra comfy cushions, and many more. Apart from this, the airline staff will always be there to assist you with anything that you require. 

Other Highlights 

The other highlights and attractions of Singapore Airlines USA to Chennai First Class include:

  • Delicious dining prepared by a team of certified chefs
  • Mood lighting that you can set either dim or intense depending on your mood
  • Wines of the premium quality
  • Great inflight entertainment
  • Airport lounges that offer a wide array of luxuries to travelers 
  • Priority check-in services
  • Privilege boarding 
  • Complimentary services
  • Apart from this, there is a lot more on offer on your services. To enjoy the peerless luxury of Singapore Airlines USA to Chennai First Class, reserve your direct flights to Chennai from USA with Singapore Airlines First Class with us. 

Singapore Airlines USA to Chennai Business Class

The Business Class cabin is the second top-tier product of Singapore Airlines, perfect for business travelers and the ones who seek a peaceful yet vibrant atmosphere. If you have some work to complete even during your trip, consider Singapore Airlines USA to Chennai Business Class flight. This will allow you to enjoy, relax, and complete your work in comfort as well. 

Singapore Airlines Business Class cabin features an extensive range of luxury options that you can avail of on the airline's different aircrafts including Airbus A380, Airbus A350-777, Airbus A350-787, 737-8, and 737-800. Talk to our experts to learn which Singapore Airlines’ flights have the best business class facilities. 

Highlights of Singapore Airlines Business Class 

From the seats of true comfort and luxury and amazing inflight entertainment to finger-licking dining, Singapore Airlines has an extensive variety of luxuries for you. The key highlights include: 

  • Hand-stitched seats by Poltrona Frau
  • Seats that recline into luxury beds 
  • Great connectivity 
  • Laptop power and USB plug to keep your devices functioning
  • Entertainment options with a personal touch 
  • Foods of the best quality 
  • Exclusive wines and mocktails
  • Proactive airline staff service 
  • Airport lounge facilities
  • To know what else you can acquire on your Singapore Airlines USA to Chennai Business Class Flights, dial our helpline numbers right away. 

Frequently Asked Question

  • Yes, you can easily find many direct flights from USA to Chennai. Airlines such as Air India, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and British Airways provide.
  • A large number of highly reputed and budget airlines fly from USA to Chennai including Air India, Etihad, KLM, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Skywest, Indigo, Kuwait Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss, American Airlines, Egypt Air, Singapore Airlines, Alaska Airlines, etc.
  • There is no airline that flies direct to Chennai International Airport (MAA) from O’Hare International Airport (ORD). But yes, there are many airlines that operate direct flights from ORD to MAA.