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Direct Flights to Delhi From USA

Direct Flights to Delhi from USA –Been planning to visit Delhi for a long time now? Well, there are regular direct flights to Delhi, along with many connecting flights that can’t be overlooked in your itinerary to the Indian Capital. There are multiple reasons to visit the capital of India. You can book any flight based on your choice for comfort and convenience. With regular flight deals with us, however, you will get a regular discount on flight tickets and the best deals on your next flights to India.

Delhi, being the capital city of India, has many things to offer to its visitors. This city is called to be based on ruins, because it has seen periodic changes ranging from Lodis, Mughals, to Britishers. There are many monumental commemorations dedicated to this, including Connaught Place which is designed like the Royal Crescent of Bath. You can now visit this place on your Direct Flights to Delhi from USA.

Delhi has the boulevard of Rajpath, which is another such destination that pleases the visitors to a greater degree. This royal pathway that has sprawling green gardens on both its sides, goes as long to national stadium and India Gate. You can visit this place in Delhi that hosts the annual Republic Day parade on your Direct Flights to Delhi from USA.

People who come to Delhi are charmed by the varieties it has to offer. Truely, Dil walon ka seher, Delhi offers a vast range of local markets to buy souvenirs or fashionable cheap clothes to its residents and visitors likewise. The Chandni Chowk is famous for its Indian and Bridal attires, and Jewelries. You can buy both fashionable and cheap clothes in the Sarojini Nagar and Janpath market. Take your precedent Direct Flights to Delhi from USA, and visit these places to get into the atmosphere of Delhi.

Though Delhi also offers its aromatic air of Sufi in the old Delhi District, especially Nizamuddin Dargah. You can devour the local food of Delhi, including the likes of Momos, Chole Kulche, Paranthe, and Gol Gappe. Book your Direct Flights to Delhi from USA to get these awaiting experiences. There are further different places to visit in Old Delhi. Lodhi Garden and different parks are a must visit, followed by Akshardham temple. Book your flights to Delhi to get the cultural experience of this old city based on ruins, but never ceases to charm its onlookers.


With the increase in the number of frequent itineraries of people to Delhi from USA, the flights are also being regular in service. Number of flights to Delhi are increasing. Newer ones are added to the comfort of the passengers, to make their flights convenient to Delhi. These direct flights, chiefly started by Air India, follow the direct coverage to Delhi. Book your Direct Flights to Delhi from USA with us, and enjoy the affordable journey ahead. With regular flights booking with us, you will get regular future flight ticket discounts.
Currently there are eight direct flights to Delhi from USA operating  . These include Five by Air India, and Three from United airlines. Though there are many adjoining connecting flights to your destination, we suggest you prefer the direct flights.


Air India, the chief air carrier of India, has started this trend, seeing the exponential increase of Indian passengers willing to commute to Delhi. This aviation wing has provided the best comforts to the Indian passengers, in terms of affordability. Currently, this national carrier of India provides Five Direct flights to delhi from USA.
Air India provides a pleasant experience to the passengers of Direct Flights from India to USA. This aviation brand is most preferred by the Indian passengers, for its range of flights. Air India provides both Direct and non-stop flights in its service for Direct Flights to Delhi from USA.

Air India provides a good set of inflight systems, including the likes of games, news, movies. There are complimentary drinks and meals are available to every type of flight boarder, including the economy type.
Furthermore, if you book the Executive class, you get access to the lounge. The extra perks of executive class are exclusive check-in, plush seats, and wide cabins. Also, if you book Executive Class with Air India Aircraft 747, everyone gets a window or an aisle seat.


  • San Francisco to Delhi
  • Chicago to Delhi
  • Washington to Delhi
  • New York to Delhi
  • Newark to Delhi

United Airlines Flights to Delhi from USA

United Airlines are the major air carriers of America. This Aviation provides some of the cheapest flights to Delhi from USA, and has a strong presence in the international flights network. United Airlines also gives the three most affordable flights to Delhi on a regular basis, while its Newark to Delhi flights are daily commutes. Book your Direct Flights to Delhi from USA with United airlines to get the flight ticket at an affordable price rate, and shortest flight time, on average of 14 hours.

United Airlines gives some of the shortest flights to the Indian passengers travelling to Delhi from USA. Also, this airline has a major positive feedback for the luggage system. Those who have the habit of unpacking and packing things at the airport, should choose this airline, because it gives 23 kg of extra luggage to each passenger.
This aviation brand provides you comfort in terms of making any changes in your itinerary in your flight bookings, within 24 hours. For the south pacific region, United airlines also provides the best set of entertainment systems in Direct flights from Delhi to USA.

Though, for the meal choice and seat arrangement, other airlines might be preferred. For vegans, this united airline might be the best. United Airlines provides three short Flights to Delhi and the admirers of short flights are generally filled with enthusiasm by this quality.

  • San Francisco to Delhi
  • Newark to Delhi
  • Chicago to Delhi

Frequently Asked Question

  • Yes, there are plenty of direct flights to Delhi from USA available. Also, you can book nonstop and connecting flights between Delhi and USA.
  • Yes, non-stop flights are different in one way from direct flights to Delhi from USA. The difference includes that non-stop flights will take you to your destination without making any stops in-between. While in case of direct flights to Delhi from USA the flight can make 1-2 stops in-between. However, in the case of direct flights from Delhi to USA the flight number remains the same throughout your journey.
  • Direct flights to Delhi from USA costs a bit cheaper than booking non-stop flights between India and the US. Booking a non-stop flight to India from USA cost around $1000 and booking direct flights to Delhi from USA costs around $1100.
  • The average flight time taken by non-stop flights to travel to Delhi from the USA is between 14 to 17 hours. However, direct flights to Delhi from USA take 7 to 9 hours longer to reach Delhi from the USA.
  • According to Flyustravels, Air India stands to be the best airline to book direct flights to Delhi from USA.