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Emirates Business Class

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Emirates Business Class

Flying Emirates Business Class is an unparalleled experience. It is beyond your needs and expectations. If you are dreaming about acquiring the most luxurious business-class experience, you should not miss making a business-class trip with Emirates. The airline will let your dream come true. 

Emirates Business Class Speciality

There is no dearth of comfort and luxury, but what makes Emirates Business Class stand out is their effort and approach to keep improving and upgrading their services. They modify and upgrade their onboard products from time to time ensuring the fulfillment of your needs and luxuries. You will find the latest-generation facilities and trending products all around you while flying on Emirates business-class flights. 

The seats are peerless. Crafted from soft leather, stuffed with quality cotton, and gently stitched by the finest craftsmen to provide you with the world’s best comfort. They also include armrests, a touchpad control panel, a private space, a dining table, a personalized TV screen, and a lot more. 

Coming to the dining, a wide selection of super healthy as well as sumptuous dishes are available for you. Relish the protein-rich Emirati foods on your business-class trip with Emirates. Whether you love the Emirati staple foods (such as meat, fish, and rice) or veggies, Emirates Business Class culinary encompasses every dish that you crave. 

Inflight entertainment options are also marvelous. With high-end noise-canceling headphones and a wide touchscreen LED TV loaded with a myriad of TV shows, web shows, movies, and games, you can expect a thrilling and exciting trip. You will have no shortage of fun and entertainment throughout your trip.

Emirates Business Class Onboard Products and Services

Since Emirates designed separate business-class cabins for Boeing 777 and Airbus A380, you can enjoy two unique and unparalleled business-class flying experiences with the airline. The business-class experience on these high-performance aircrafts is though not much different, you will definitely come across some unique products while switching from A380 to Boeing 777 or vice versa. 

Emirates Business Class Products 

Fully-Flat Seats - Seats of the highest comfort, stitched with the finest quality leather, and fabricated with each detail in mind. Take a nap or have a lovely sleep with these fully reclinable seats. 

Private Cabins With Lots of Space- Do your own things without caring about your travel mates. Since you have the best private business class cabin in the world, no one is going to notice your things. Space is more than adequate. Avail of the extra space to free your body and relax.

Personalized Entertainment- A wide LED TV screen encompassing various regional and international TV shows, movies, and audio files accompanied by high-end headphones is on offer to fulfill your entertainment needs. 

Bvlgari Amenity Kit- A premium amenity kit for both men and women. Encompasses essentials like facial cream, shaving cream, moisturizer, lip balm, and hand mirror. Avail of this premium onboard amenity kit to land relaxed and refreshed at your final destination. 

Super Delicious Foods- Satiate your craving with the super delicious Emirati staple foods and your favorite foods. Meats and veggies both are served politely by the Emirate Airlines’ inflight team. 

Select Wines- Premium wines and whisky, perfect for refreshing your mood and giving you the ultimate pleasure, are a compliment to your business-class dining. 

Non-Alcoholic Beverages- Hate alcohol? Fruit juices, flavored juices, coffee, tea, green tea, and other quality mocktails are there to refresh you. 

Emirates Business Class Services

Onboard Lounge- Emirates is among those few airlines that offer onboard premium lounge services. Whenever you feel a little bored, head over to the onboard lounge, take a seat, and meet new faces. Spending some time knowing about new faces will surely spice up your journey. Also, you can avail of the dining services and other premium services

Staff Service- Staff service by the airline’s inflight team is appreciable. Every single member of the team puts in their best to ensure you have the most comfortable and pleasurable trip. Expect a warm and polite welcome on your arrival on the flight. 

Certified Chefs- Onboard chefs are certified and highly experienced. Experience the magic of their art on your dining table.

Emirates Business Class Services at the Airport 

Emirates offers premium facilities to its business-class passengers at the airport. If your flight is scheduled to depart from the major hubs of the Emirates, you will get the best, most satisfying, and pleasurable business-class services at the airport. 

Here is what you should expect after arriving at the airport to board your flight: 

Emirates Business Class Swift Check-In 

Similar to most airlines, Emirates also has separate check-in desks and counters for its business-class passengers. If you have an Emirates Business Class ticket, you can take advantage of those special check-in counters and desks. Also, you can find some comfy seating arrangements for you just near the Emirates check-in counters.

The dedicated business-class and first-class check-in counters make it easier and faster for Emirates Business Class passengers to complete their check-in process. The airline staff also assist the passengers in the same.

Be the First to Board the Flight 

Passengers having Emirates business-class tickets are entitled to avail of the priority boarding services. You will be allowed to board the aircraft before other passengers who have economy-class air tickets. 

Emirates Business Class Chauffeur-Drive Service 

Emirate Business Class passengers are also allowed to enjoy the chauffeur-drive services by Emirates. The airline made this service available to most of the destinations it flies from or to. Use the chauffeur-drive service search tool on the Emirates websites to know if this service is available for you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it worth flying business class on Emirates?

A: Undoubtedly, Emirate Business Class is all in all fantastic. From seating, dining, and onboard entertainment to staff service, everything is perfect and it is absolutely worth flying business class with Emirates.

Q: What do you get in business class on Emirates?

A: Ultra comfy fully-reclinable seats, private cabins, in-seat power supply, thousands of trending entertainment options, a comfort amenity kit, a variety of super sumptuous meals, and polite and friendly service by the cabin crew team are what you will receive on your Emirates Business-Class flight. Priority services, extra baggage allowance, and chauffeur-drive services are also available for business-class passengers.

Q: Does Emirates business class have a bed?

A: Emirates Business Class flights have fully-flat beds that allow you to not only take a nap but sleep at your home comfort.

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