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Flights from SFO to Calgary

Are You Planning To Fly To Calgary From Sfo ? If Yes, Then You Are In The Right Place To Gather Information

This year has tested all of us in many ways, but we are still surviving and hoping that things could get better soon. In some places, things are coming to normal terms with much-needed precautions for sure. In some places, people are being locked for months, they aren’t able to go out or even experience that fresh air, but things are getting better, no doubt, and hopefully, by the end of the year, we’ll get to hear some good news for sure. But amidst all the pandemic situation, we are craving for that old, happening, busy lifestyle which we have taken granted that time. Notably, the major missing currently are going to malls, pubs, interstate, or international trips. Understanding that you need to have a trip and make it true, we have pointed down some nice planning factors depending on which you can have a proper and safe trip. Here we are going to talk about the flights from San Francisco to Calgary.


San Francisco and Calgary are nearby places, as according to the current scenario, we can’t fly longer due to health security concerns, but we can visit some nearby famous places. Such a nearby location from San Francisco is Calgary, which is in Alberta, Canada. So if you want a trip by road, you can reach from SFO to Calgary in about 21 hrs. And if you want a quick trip, you should take a flight from SFO to Calgary, taking you around 2 hrs and 49 minutes to reach (approx 1640 km).


We live in a digital world where we can reach wherever we want through our phones or digital media. Since we have such an advancement with us, we should take advantage of that for sure. The next thing we are well aware of is that we have many options with us. So it is always better to go for anything without comparing it. The pandemic has affected everyone financially, so if we can go for a pretty affordable trip, then it will be the icing on the cake. There can be around more than 600 traditional and low-cost flights to choose from. So the fare of SFO to Calgary can differ from about $112 from $300 per head depending on various factors.

There is no twist and turns in the route from flights from San Francisco to Calgary. You can simply take your flight from SFO to Calgary, and you’ll reach Calgary within 2 hrs 49 minutes, the time may vary a little bit depending upon the flights and weather.

Attraction In Calgary Because Of Which You Should Visit There

There are endless attractions in Calgary, and the weather out there is equally alluring. The Calgary Tower, Calgary Park, Calgary Fort, several museums, historical villages, and skyline luge in Calgary are some of the attraction which you can visit. Before you visit Calgary, take down a list where you want to visit. Try to keep your trip short but exciting. You may not like visiting several museums, skip it. You may like churches or historical places, add them in your list. It is better to be prepared initially before you reach there to explore Calgary. And additional information is that about the time you should visit Calgary, and the months are from June throughout August.


Keep your essential documents in a different and small that you can keep with yourself all the time during a flight from SFO to Calgary. There will be many checking points which you need to cross till you reach the flight. So keep all the tickets passports with yourself only.
Keep sanitizer and hand sanitizer with yourself every single moment. You should wash your hand from soap and water ideally, but you don’t have soap and water at the airport all the time. So keep a sanitizer that has almost 60% alcohol content.

Avoid touching any surface before wiping or sanitizing the place, and it is also advisable that if you are unwell, you should avoid or at least delay the trip for a few more days.

If you are capable, then prefer booking a ticket in business class, which will maintain your privacy and hygienic concern.

Things You Should Keep In Mind Before You Book Tickets Or Take A Flight:

It is always preferable for any trip that you should book your tickets beforehand for Sfo to Calgary. At least before a month, of course, after comparing prices from different websites. 

The tourist attraction gets a peak from June to August in Calgary, so plan accordingly. If you don’t want to rush, avoid visiting these months, and if you like, you can visit in these months.

Book a hotel or resort beforehand so that after reaching you don’t face any problem.

Frequently Asked Question

  • The flight will take approximately 2 hours, 30 minutes from SFO, which is almost 1640 kilometers. But the duration may vary a little bit depending upon the airlines and weather.
  • Yes, many such websites help you compare different airlines on the same sites with price and duration.
  • There are several flights from San Francisco to Calgary, which you can get with just one click. You need to search for the best airline, and options will appear in no time.
  • Not at all! It is a complete myth, and you shouldn’t follow all such types of myths. There are many factors upon which prices are being finalized. But the services and hygiene care is not at all compromised.