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Hawaiian Airlines

Inter-Island Airways, Hawaiian airlines, and Hawaiian Airlines International are all commercial airlines based in the United States that serve domestic and international destinations from the Asia-Pacific region. Honolulu International Airport serves as the airline's primary hub, while Kahului Airport serves as the airline's secondary hub. Hawaiian Airlines (established as Inter-Island Airways) is one of the oldest commercial airlines in the United States and serves a wide range of domestic and international destinations from the Asia-Pacific area. Honolulu International Airport acts as the airline's central hub, while Kahului Airport serves as the airline's secondary hub.

The airline boasts the best safety record in the history of American aviation. Among the best in terms of on-time performance and low rates of cancellations and overbooking, it has long been a frontrunner. One can quickly redeem a HawaiianMiles frequent flyer program for exclusive deals from the airline or its partners. The airline also has newer, more user-friendly initiatives
Hawaiian Airlines has the upper hand

We've always been on time and safe

There is no doubt that Hawaiian airlines is the best in class because it has the most extended history and has maintained a spotless safety record with no significant incidents. Furthermore, flying with Hawaiian Airlines ensures you will never reach your destination.

Wine and food tastings inspired by the islands in your membership

Hawaiian airlines is one of the few airlines that still provide complimentary meals to passengers flying economy class. In addition to complimentary gourmet meals and a glass of wine for passengers over 21, this airline offers passengers who fly with it. You may also test any premium options to see whether they fit your liking.

Stopovers are free of charge

If you're flying, you may become airsick or need to stop at an airport to perform some job of your own. With Hawaiian airlines, you don't have to worry about paying a dime to go wherever you want. Wow, that's some top-notch service.

It's all about the gimmicks

Movies-on-demand, vintage films, popular TV series, kid's games, and more may all be in these subscription-based entertainment systems. When you arrive, you'll discover relaxing music playing in the aircraft, which will only serve to heighten your mood. You may turn on the in-flight audio system to make your flight with Hawaiian airlines more enjoyable.

Streamlined Check-in over the Web of Hawaiian Airlines

You are checking online 24 hours to 90 minutes before your flight's planned departure time allows you to avoid long lineups at the airport and saves you time and money. Following the airline's terms and regulations, you'll also have to provide your member number or confirmation code at this time.

Restrictions on Luggage

When flying with Hawaiian airlines, you will be charged $25 for your first bag and $35 for your second, with any future bags costing $50 apiece. It does not include the small bag or purse you may bring on board. There is a 70lb weight restriction for first and business-class passengers and 50lb for economy-class passengers. Each piece of checked luggage cannot have a total length, width, or height of more than 62 inches. You may also check out our airline luggage costs section if you'd want to learn more about the policy.

Once again, with feeling on Hawaiian Airlines

A significant focus of the airline's mission is to link Hawaii to the rest of the globe by flying people to the island and back.

What sets Hawaiian Airlines apart from the rest of the airline industry?

The constantly growing Hawaiian airlines aspires to provide its customers with the best possible service while improving the connection between Hawaii and the rest of the globe. Hawaiian Airlines strives to meet and exceed the needs of its passengers at all times. It's a popular pick for travelers because of its excellent on-time performance record.

Hawaiian Airlines Routes that are most often traveled

From Asia, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Japan, China, and the United States, Hawaiian Airlines provides non-stop flights to Hawaii.

The airline serves all the main Hawaiian Islands, including Kauai and Molokai, Oahu, and Honolulu. Multiple Boeing, Airbus, and ATR planes are part of Hawaiian Airlines' fleet.

Expected Levels of Service

Those who travel with Hawaiian airlines can expect excellent treatment. The kind and helpful crew are always ready to serve you and guarantee a pleasant voyage. Upon arriving in Hawaii, expect to be welcomed with a fragrant garland of fresh lei flowers. Frequent fliers may earn HawaiianMiles points by flying Hawaiian Airlines. It is possible to redeem points for airline tickets, hotel rooms, shopping, and eating.

Duty-free shopping is available to passengers aboard the airline's aircraft. It will be delivered to your seat if you'd like to buy anything from the Duty Free In-Flight Shopping catalog. The Hawaiian chef serves up delectable appetizers, entrees, and desserts for the passengers aboard. Cocktails and alcoholic drinks are also available for purchase on board the plane. Hana Hou, Hawaiian Airlines' in-flight magazine, informs passengers about Hawaii's culture, geography, and people. Magazines issued twice a month provide a wealth of information on what to eat and go in these towns.

Courses on Traveling

Extra Comfort, First Class, and Economy are the airline's three passenger tiers. Food, snacks, and drinks are free for all passengers; however, the selection may differ according to class. Priority boarding and personal electric power outlets are available to Extra Comfort class passengers—additionally, customers with free comfort packs. There are comfortable chairs that recline into beds, privacy screens, and gourmet meals in the VIP cabin for those who want to relax.

Frequently Asked Question

  • On Hawaiian airlines, you can take advantage of various benefits, including cashback and instant discounts. Click on Domestic and International Flight Offers for the most recent flight deals.
  • Almost all carriers allow customers to file a complaint with evidence of travel, including proof of residence, identification, and a copy of their driver's license. The missing item must be described in detail by the traveler.
  • The cost may be a little more, but the perks of flying in Business Class are worth it. You can mingle with other fliers on board the plane in the business class lounges, and you can even lie down and have a drink at your convenience in the seats, which are ideal for long periods of relaxation.